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Infared Sauna (1000 Calories In 30 Minutes?)



Seems very hard to believe. All of the claims and not just weight loss. If it pans out, it’ll be big. They’ll pop up everywhere.

This thing is almost as crazy as the ROM exercise machine.

I think this is the same kind of thing Dr. Squat reccomended in Bodybuilding: A Scientific Approach.

We have 2 of these at my work. They are excellent prior to getting a massage or foam rolling or after a workout. It is definately a different feeling being heated from the inside out as apposed to sitting in a steam room. Feels like you’ve melted. And you sleep like a baby that night.

As for the 1000 calories a hour, very hard to believe. Your body does use alot of energy to try and maintan your core temperature in such a infra red environment but I don’t know how you would measure that?

My martial arts instructer has one. They are expensive. My mom bought a cergem bed awile back for my aunt with cancer. It was the same idea, infared technology but with accupressure. Feels real nice. Expensive shit. Not so sure about the whole calorie burning thing with the suana.


The technology sounds the same as used by a doctor here [who refers to his system as non-surgical liposuction], where he uses an infra-red ‘torch’ that looks like an ultra sound unit, and rubs it over fat peoples bellies. The fat loss result was phenomenal [having seen the before / 1 treatment / 2 treatment etc. photo’s].

If this device pans out it’ll work out at the same price as a series of 5 treatments from this doctor, but will allow bulking year round, forever!