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Infamous Hamburgler Tornado


End of day chuckles.


I didn't understand one word that crazy black man said...


"I wuz scaid".


That guy shouldn't make fun of black people like that. I'm so confused.


Jase, who's that in your avatar? I saw you mention something about being straight edge in another thread and that definitely looks like some 'hardcore' singing, so just curious.


John Joseph of the Cro Mags, very inspirational man if I do say so myself


Ahh had a SHARP skin mate back in the 80's who listened to the Mags but they kinda slipped under my radar. Always on the look out for new 'old' hardcore stuff so will check them out. :wink:


I always figured it was him in his avatar.

That's me in mine.


X3... and me in mine.


LOL, it took his hamburger, fries and his drink! Damn tornados!


Which one is you in that avatar?!?!?


No one. :frowning:


I take your tornado stealing hamburger and raise you one penguin being tickled


Check out their first album "The Age of Quarrel" while the rest of their discography is still good, it was their only album with a true hardcore vibe to it and with JJ on lead vocals. It's also probably the best album to workout to ever.


Even though I was a hardcore fan all through the 80's, I never listened to the CroMags. Minor Thread, DKs, Bad Brains, Husker Du, Toxic Reasons, Black Flag... etc were the soundtrack of my life back then. I may have to give the CroMags a try!


x4...that's me alright.



me in me....not will, but the othe one.


Same here Iron ^^ Minor Threat/Fugazi, Black Flag, Descendants, Germs, Bad Brains, Crucifucks, DK's, Misfits, Circle Jerks, and then moved over here, met some British punks and got into the British Oi! and punk scene. Great lifting music!

In fact a tattooist friend of mine in Cali posted something on FB about MDC playing with the Subhumans tonight! Fuckin lucky bastards ^^


I've always been more partial to the New York Hardcore scene which I find a lot of people neglect somewhat. I'd be happy to make some suggestions if anyone was interested?


I lived in Texas - I didn't care where my hardcore was coming from as long as I could skate to it and whoever was singing was pissed off about something =)

Suggestions welcomed bud!