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Infamous Game


Another video game thread lol

Anyone else here been playing it? Which route did you guys go?


Tain harder and you wont have time for video games J/K


I don't have a PS3, but I've heard really good things. I think it even got Game of the Month for Game Informer...

Too bad if it doesn't have the words "Call of Duty" in the title it'll be severely overlooked by non-serious gamers.


I wouldn't say that. I've seen at least three commercials for it and all of them make me want to buy it. Word of mouth is pretty damn powerful too. That is the main reason they are making an Assassin's Creed sequel game.


Been playing it for a little bit, being evil is a blast lol...definately a solid purchase.

Although, I am anxious for prototype, that is just pure destruction.


could say the same with posting on message boards lol

go play the game, you know your intrigued


My husband, his brother, and my son have been playing it for about 3 days straight now. They're loving it.


I just may buy it now!


It's worth the price as far as I can tell.





COD got boring....me and my buddy had to use sniper rifle in every map to make it challenging
the second one looks deadly though, lets hope they fixed a lot of the issues

anyone here got sf4 for ps3, i remember a thread a while back but everyone was xbox live


From the previews and the commercial, it looks like a sweet game. Reminds me a bit of Crackdown and that was a blast to play. I'm planning on picking up a PS3 sometimes around Christmas (or, to be precise: on the same damn day that Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma comes out) and inFamous is definitely on my "must get" list.


They actually had a trilogy planned from the get go. I only know this because I'm a closet gamer nerd. Post workout for me always includes shooting shit and eating.


i didnt think there was any other PW methods lol