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Infamous Boob on Ebay!

Oh man, I can’t believe I missed this one. Those of us in the Sunshine State might remember Tawny Peaks, an exotic dancer in Clearwater, who actually had to go to court because she allegedly assaulted some dork with her tits. It ended up on the “People’s Court” TV show, and the judge denied the idiot’s claim after a woman bailiff took Tawny in the back room of the court and felt her up… for evidential purposes.

Anyway, Tawny just sold one of her implants (she had them removed obviously) on ebay for over $16 grand!

Check it out, this is friggin’ weird!:

Welcome to last week when I posted it :slight_smile:

[quote]PGA200X wrote:
Welcome to last week when I posted it :-)[/quote]

OOPS!! hehehe

We in the South are kinda slow…