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InFamous 2


Been playing the demo all weekend and it's fantastic!!

I loved the first game - definitely the best open world/original superhero game I've ever played.

The sequel drops Tuesday. Who else is getting it?


I will at some point, but I have so much other shit I have to finish first.

Actually, being honest, I never quite finished the first. I did enjoy it but at one point I felt it was getting a bit repetitious. Maybe in lieu of the new one I'll pick it back up and finish.


PS3 is giving owner's 2 free games to download (out of 4 provided) and Infamous is one. I was always iffy about it but since my cheapness is heightened I shall look into the game.



Can you please elaborate?

I got to admit I default games to the 360 normally, I rarely "play" my PS3. Need details plz!!11


yea i played the first one, i liked it, but did get a bit repetitive...but i played the demo for Infamous 2 and it seems awesome..i have 360 and PS3, but the only games i have ever played on ps3 were God Of War, Infamous, and Socom, and i gotta say, 360 is much more addictive...God of War was unbelievable...back to the topic at hand, Infamous 2 seems like its gonna be a great game, and ill probably end up picking it up...i havent bought a game in awhile, and since the demo was pretty sweet, ill most likely treat myself to the game...


Quick topic derail, but yes, what a great game. "Epic" was the word that came to mind almost every scene. BUT... God, I am so fucking sick of game developers making 6-10 hour games! WTF.

I realize how difficult and arduous it is to make a truly great game, but c'mon. 10-15 should be a minimum standard for any game not revolved around multi-player gaming.



GoW 3 was a very story-focused, straight aheasd action game. Length seemed ok - could have been longer though. Epic battles - some insane graphics also. Some of the best this gen....

SSC - because the PSN got hacked, they are offerring 4 free games to DL (the first Infamous is one of them, and Little Big Planet is also) plus 1 free month of the PSN "Plus" service.


I played through inFamous and I have to say it's one of the only games that made me want a PS3. Most of the other PS3 exclusives I've played weren't that great, in my opinion.

InFamous 2 will definitely be one I'm eager to play.


Is this the one where you're basiclly on God mode the whole time and you throw tanks and shit around?


I think you might be talking about Prototype - a game with a similar idea. Infamous has your character endowed with electricity based powers ....


You're right, I am talking about prototype. Rented that one and got tired of it after about 20 minutes 'cause you can basiclly do whatever you want. Got boring real quick. Thanks.


It was due to that whole month when PSN was down due to hackers. They should have sent you a email about it if you have a online account with them. There are others things they are giving away as well. Check it out!


God of War made me want PS3, and just as that game came out, my friend sold me his brand new PS3, with 2 controllers for 100 bucks...less than a week later God of War came out and it was just meant to be haha...Infamous 2 should be fun though, the demo was cool, definitely some new material in it that should be pretty sweet...but im more looking forward to Gears of War 3 for 360! thats gonna be one bad ass game


Got Infamous 1 in the Welcome Back package. I've been stuck in front of it since yesterday. It's fantastic. I even like it more than Arkham Asylum.

BTW, I only downloaded one game, then played it and turned off the ps3 at night. Can't download another one for free now, which kinda sucks. Anyone know how to get the other one?

Sorry for the slight derail.


IDK... but I have been downloading Little Big Planet for a damn day now. How long did Infamous take you? My internet connection here is definitely faster than this, so I'm not sure why it's taking so infinitely long.


Okay, I was having this same problem. Do this...

Account Management
Transaction Management
Services List
SCEA Promotion


Thanks a lot!

Think it took me 5 hours or so to download infamous, but my location and connection make that a reasonable time.


Yeah, I was using Wireless to download. Plugged in an Ethernet cable and boom, was done like 10 minutes later, haha.