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Inexpensive, Compact Sled on Ebay


After hearing all the bitching and moaning about how expensive sleds are or that they're too big and won't fit anywhere, I decided to go ahead and post a link to this item on ebay. If this post is somehow inappropriate or violates rules I don't know about, please delete it. I am not affiliated with this seller in any way. I had my wife buy me one of these for Christmas, so I haven't tried it yet and have no idea as to the condition or quality. But since today is the last day he's selling these I figured I'd let everyone know about it. Please realize that I am NOT trying to promote this product. I highly recommend a do-it-yourself option, and there are lots of ideas on the Internet for do it yourself sleds and Prowlers. I've even seem Prowlers made out of wood.



Cool - thanks for the link.


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