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Ineffective Training and (?) Dieting


Hi, (also have ankle and wrist birth defect where I cant bend it back all the way) 5"11.5 foot 190 lbs, 40 yard dash=5.4 secs, deadlift=180+bar, squat= 180+bar
I have started working out almost 2 years ago. When i started, I could barely bench bar. Then a year and more later (Idk how since I stopped working out as much due to tearing a ligament in my shoulders) I could bench almost 180 lbs. Now a year later, I can bench 185. I have been following WSFSB part 3 because I want to be as fast and strong with great cardiovascular endurance/stamina while maintaining my flexibility. However, I am not seeing any results. I am doing the program right I think, but I think my diet is wrong. I eat about 150g of protein a day, averaging around 3k-4k calories. All I’ve seen is me getting less muscle mass and more fat. What am I doing wrong? I thought since I am a beginner I shouldn’t do isolation but help me out here


Given that 3-4k calories is a HUGE margin to be unsure of, I think this is where your problem lies.

What EXACTLY does your diet looks like. Don’t respond with what a perfect day looks like, respond with your usual meals and quantities.


I eat 3 servings of protein shake which is (in 1 serving) 740 calories, 50g protein, 5g fat, 123g carbs, cereal, a hamburger and whatever my mom is cooking. I don’t eat breakfast.

What u mean? I should keep better track of what I eat? Like down to the fat/carb/protein and calories?

its hard to take advice from articles and books when sometimes the information contradicts. One said the reason is because I’m not eating enough, the other said genetics, and another said I’m not dieting correctly


Aaaand I think we know what the problem is. That’s not a great diet, because you don’t know what about half of what you’re eating actually is. You’re already getting 360 grams of carbs from the shakes alone, not to mention the cereal and hamburger (really?!) and what your mum cooks. You could be getting up to 600 grams of carbs per day easily.

Also, since your shakes are 740 calories each that’s 2200 calories from the shakes, not including the other stuff which I suspect would come to more than 1800 calories. You’re probably looking at more like 5000-6000 calories per day.

That’s a lot. Too much, probably.


If I am eating too much calories (and have 150g of protein daily) how come I am not getting more muscle?? Just gaining fat and no muscle. I thought if I had a lot of calories and lot of protein I would gain fat AND muscle but literally my arms are smaller than last year


You may have become insensitive to insulin. There’s a couple of articles here about that.

My understanding is that generally around 3000 calories a day with about 1-1.5 grams of protein to pound of bodyweight is enough to grow well. Your lifts aren’t great so you’re also possibly not doing as much work as you think you are.

Dial back the total calories, get an accurate idea of everything you eat and see where you’re at in 12 weeks.


So follow WSFSB part 3 more strictly? And I eat school lunch so idk calories or proteins are in it. Should I bring a home lunch from now on? And insensitive to insulin? does that mean I need to eat more protein? There usually isn’t a lot of meat in my house so that’s why my parents bought me protein


Yep, at least until you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Like MarkKO said, you’re consuming way too many carbs.

Your muscles will only grow so fast, I imagine that you’re gaining fat at a greater rate than you are muscle. Also, your protein shake appears to be more of a ‘mass gainer’ or whatever they call them these days.

If I were you, I’d start eating breakfast. Get good protein and fats. I prefer to eat Eggs, Chorizo/Sausage/Bacon, avocados and a green. For lunch, either bring your own lunch or drink one of your shakes. If you get hungry in class eat a handful of peanuts. Don’t go overboard with the nuts, but a couple handfuls will help satiate you and keep you from spiking insulin when sitting in class. For dinner, eat whatever mom makes, but be conscience of the amount of carbs your eating. For example, limit your rice to a cup and eat more veggies.

To recap,


  • 2-3 eggs, meat (sausage, bacon) and greens (spinach, lettuce)

*Healthy Fat (Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil)


  • Left over meat and rice (if possible, understand your at the mercy of your parents) or shake


  • Peanuts, cashews


  • Whatever parents cook, extra serving of veggies

As far as training, I have never run that program, but see a lot of people who give good advice recommend it here.

There’s numerous ways to go about this. Things will contradict each other. Although, saying an article told you something lends me to believe you just don’t quite understand how to apply the information in the articles. No worries. Train hard, eat smart and you’ll reach your goals. Also, there isn’t ever a reason to have three of those shakes in one day! When you use it up, find a protein that has minimal carbs and fat, and high protein. That’ll help you get your protein without overkill with carbs. Don’t listen to the GNC guys who say “my buddy gained 15lbs of muscle in 4 weeks on this weight gainer” They’re full of shit.

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Wait, google says 1 egg is like 6 grams of protein? How will 2-3 eggs, a shake and then dinner be 190g protein?


You’re forgetting the meat and nuts. Your shake and eggs will be around 70 grams, meat and nuts EASILY brings your total to 190 grams. Most meat sits between 20-30 grams protein per hundred and peanuts are basically 30 grams protein per hundred.

So, 400-500 grams of meat and 100-200 grams of nuts and you’re set.

Also, another vote for going to a much lower carb shake.


I have protein bottle that does same 50g protein and 20g carbs in 1 serving but it literally tastes like wet shit
and what should my carb/fat/protein be





It appears you have lost 6lbs since September. That’s roughly a lb a month. In this case, I don’t think you are eating as much as you say you are. My advice would still be to follow the general outline of the meals I laid out and stick to it. What you have been doing hasn’t worked. If you aren’t gaining ~1lb a week after a month, add 200 cals for another two weeks and see where you are.


that’s implying that my weight loss was consistent. I just recently lost that weight but yeah Ill be doing that thanks


If you’re serious about reaching your goals, I’d suggest starting a log here. There are plenty of knowledgeable people who will chime in and help you. My favorite logs are Thepwnisher’s and Alphas.


I’d say go for protein/carb (fats I have less of an idea, so I’ll say 50-150 grams per day but that’s a guess more than anything)

Training days 190-210/250-400
Non-training days 190-210/100-150

A similar approach has been working for me.


get a calorie counting app like my fitness pal
track calories for at least 2 weeks to see where you stand
then count every once a while to check your self
protein from meat milk egg counts
protein from like veggies and bread are incomplete dont really count


Totally 100% agree.

Either he’s screwing up his diet or his training. Since he presumably is tracking his training (by following WS4SB), and not tracking his diet, it stands to reason his diet is what’s off. At the very least, calories are too low, since he lost weight.

I also agree about tracking food intake on an app like MyFitnessPal. Winging it obviously isn’t working for OP.

Your posts point to you losing weight. I don’t believe you when you say you’re getting fat and losing weight. I’m not necessarily saying you’re lying; I think you have no idea what’s actually going on with your body. Your posts are unreliable. You need to be more scientific about this shit. Stop guessing and being vague.


I’m actually curious about your training.

You should be squatting and deadlifting if you’re doing the program. What kind of progress have you had on those lower body lifts? How many chinups can you do? What can you row?

And are you actually following the program to the T? Do you have a log?


follow it exactly otherwise what’s the point?


thanks everyone, I’ll take all your advice to heart