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Inection Questions (Researching)


im just asking out of the sake of being curious

but is it okay to keep injectioning into the same spot ?
i know it will be painful but health wise is it okay?
lets say for a cycle of 8-12 weeks somebody uses only quads


Are we talking ED injections or twice weekly?


^^ Even twice weekly you are going to start building up scar tissue if you use the same spot. "Health wise" its okay but it will start to get really painful trying to force the needle through increasingly thick skin.


i was thinking more eod but i have read the solution lets say test prop and tren for example, takes time to disperse into the body would pinning eod in the same two spots stop the tren and test prop not to disperse?


I disagree.

Scar tissue will hardly accumulate enough over biweekly injections for a measly 12 weeks. Certainly not enough to feel resistance.

And the skin absolutely wont thicken. Scar tissue doesnt occur in the skin.

I doubt it would be painful to rotate quads for biweekly injections.

I DO think, it is not worth the risk.

So I think you got it backwards.

4 sites is fine for biweekly injections. Keep the injections to 1ml or less and you'll be better off.


And the scar tissue will be tiny. I doubt you could hit the EXACT same site of the last pin.


I would worry much less about areas and worry more about cleanliness of site and gear. If you can, rotate as much as possible. I give a ton of shots, IVs, etc and it is the practice of rotation of shots. With transdermals you are taught to work in a rotation for various reasons. It is easy to do the thighs and just as easy to hit your buttocks and delts. You have a wide range to choose from that yourself can hit..just dart straight! Some AAS are ouchy and you will learn quickly where you want that pain to be.