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Industrial Whey


In my lab we use sweet whey as a food source for fermentation. We received a 50lb bag today and my professor said I could have whats left. So I was left with about forty pounds.

Whats on the bag:

Associated Milk Producers Inc(AMPI)
Extra Grade (I believe means food grade)
spray processed
sweet type

Guaranteed Analysis:
Lactose 61.1% Min
Crude Protein 11.0% Min
Ash 9.0% Max
Fat 2.0% Max
Fiber 0.1% Max

Anyone have any expertise or experience with something similar? My only concern is there is way too much sugar. Any help is appreciated.


That isn't really whey. It sounds like powdered milk or something.


Yeah, protein content is wheyyyyyyy low


Lol...if lactose doesn't give you any GI issues, you could conceivably use it as a "weight-gainer" shake, but I wouldn't recommend it.

It's probably not fit for human consumption, and the "ash" levels are almost as high as the "crude protein"...doesn't sound like something you'd want to ingest on the reg.

Good idea for a thread, though.


Yep that's exactly what I was thinking. Just wanted to get some other opinions.


what you got is indeed whey, but not WPC.
in food industry this kind of whey is used as filler to reduce cost because it is cheap.
i wouldn't recommend you to consume it alone - not the purpose of this kind of whey.
if you are curious you can go to www.usdec.org and find usage example for this kind of whey.


Thanks for the site. It's nice to know more about what I'm working with everyday.