Induject 250 + Boldebolin 250

This is my second bulking cycle after shredding.i have induject 250 and bolde 250.How can I use it for extreme size.Do I want to add anything with 88 kgs now I want to reach 100kgs.Please help me out

Welcome. Can you give a little more background on yourself and training history? What’s your proposed layout? Test/Eq is a nice combo but not exactly a mass monster and your goals are pretty lofty. Perhaps dial back expectations a bit and show your proposed cycle layout.

I have been on steroids for a year.i have done pct.after a break of 6 months I am started my size cycle.i have done 500 mg of test e and 400 mg of bolde for the past one month accompanied with dia 30mg and oxy 50mg for 5 days in a week for a month.i have gained from 82kgs to 90 kgs.Now I have inducject 250,bolde 250,oxy 50mg,dianbol 10 mg,hgh.please suggest me the cycle from this for rapid gains.

The language barrier is making it a little hard for me to follow. But you are basically saying you’ve already been cycling these compounds for over a month correct? And already gained 8kg? That’s likely due to the dbol and honestly I wouldn’t expect to keep growing like that. People often run the EQ higher so you may consider that.