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Indoor tanning

Any advise or recomendations on indoor tanning?

get a good non- SPF cream, and use it. but DON’T leave it at the tanning place. someone walked off with my $12 bottle, loser! it really seemed to speed up my tan.
also, use the stand up booths if they got them, they don’t give you any pale spots like the lay down beds (such as under your armpits). just hold your arms up over or on your head and turn around every so often. the stand up ones are also usually faster.

hope you’re not claustrophobic! heh :slight_smile:

nice tanning…

Gotta note that if you are pale and burn easily…the stand-up may not be your best option until you have a base tan. I’ll second the non-SPF cream suggestion.
However, I’d begin with at least a couple of tans in the lie down bed.
Then hit the stand-up for a more even, darker tan.

How bad is indoor tanning for you. You always hear the horror predictions about skin cancer, but for someone who is never outside, does being in a tanning booth just compensate for the sun a normal person would get from being outside on a regular basis.

I personally use the indoor tanning very often, usually around 2-3 times per week for about 12-15 min each session. Out here we have so many different tanning machines that it sometimes gets confusing… theres regular tanning, turbo tanning, turbo plus with facial tanning, facial tanning, standing tanning and some fucked up your-only-allowed-5-min-max tanning machines. I have a really nice, dark tan. Looks really natural. I always use a tanning cream before and after I tan to help speed up the tan and to keep my skin moist. I dunno about skin cancer, but I’ve never had any problems and I’ve done it for about 5 years now off and on… (I know, 5 years isn’t a long time, but hell… I wanna look good naked!)


Don’t you watch the news? Last week Fox announced that research shows that those who use sun beds or booths more than once a month increase their chances of skin cancer 50 percent compared to those who don’t. Pretty risky if you ask me. May look nice but you may be sorry.

don’t do it. it looks fake and gay.

Despite was the government and the ACS tells us, the sun is our friend. i’m not sure exactly how tanning booths compare to sunlight, but read this article.

and don’t pooh pooh it cuz it says “mercola” on it. i can find more references if anyone is interested.

If you’ve never tanned before, be sure to not go quite as many minutes as they recommend for your first few times. Bulb burns are no fun. I’d also recommend lathering up with a lotion (I use the the cheap Suave lotion) in the days after your tan. I always end up itching like crazy a few days after a tan. I’m not sure, but I think the bulbs remove some of the oil from my skin.

I personally don’t want to be REAL tan in the winter, so I usually hit the beds about once every week or two. Which gives a nice color without looking fake. Before a vacation, I’ll go more frequently to get a base.

Don’t go super spendy on the enhancing lotions either. I wouldn’t spend more than 20 bucks on a bottle of ‘tanning lotion’ from the salon. Some of the stuff they sell can be pretty spendy.

I don’t think it’s the evil many make it out to be, but there are risks.

I say if you’re gonna do it, do it right. Load up on some antioxidants (C, E, selenium, grape seed, alpha lipoic) as well as EFA’s. This should give you some solid damage control. Definitely a good moisturizer as well.

As an alternative, you could go the Mystic Tan route which is a 60 sec. session and is a spray. This is what dermatologists are recommending. It works decent but you have to make sure not to do anything that will cause you to sweat for a good four hours after your session.

I have tried the indoor thing a few times and I am kind of reddish .
I guess gay is in the eye of the beholder, looking like a turnup is not too cool especialy if you live in Florida.