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Indoor Soccer Shoes for Gym?


flat dense sole, good ankle mobility, and you're also able to run in them more than in chuck taylors

my workout template is generally ws4sb, so there's some dynamics along with the squats and deads.

seems like a good idea to me, anyone else jump on this one?


I'm not really sure what your second comment means (I've played paintball and basketball in Chucks with no problems), but that kind of soccer shoe would be fine.

Any solid/flat-soled shoe will give the stability and mobility we want. Airwalks/skateboard shoes, Chucks, soccer shoes, wrestling shoes, whatever.


i used to wear chuck taylors when i was little and i used to hate them, i'm probably just biased in my assumption that they can't cut it for athletic activities compared to more modern designs.



I squat in Adidas Samba's, I got them for about $50 on sale. I find that they're great, they grip the floor well, they don't squirm under heavy weight, and they're comfortable. The only downside so far is that they don't breathe that well, and I have sweaty feet.

If you order them online, I found that the sizing is pretty accurate. I'm a 9.5 in most shoes, and a 9.5 fit me well.

Hope this helps!