Indigo with Carb Backloading?

CT, how would you expect Indigo to affect the results of CBL? I’m doing Kiefer’s Shockwave protocol with his bench program substituted for the chest day. I just finished a 3-month run on CBL and now I’m looking to cut fat with Carb Nite. I was curious to see how Indigo could work with these two plans. What I would hope to see is getting the muscle gain on CBL, but by using Indigo, also get the fat cutting of Carb Nite.

The best way to use INDIGO on such an approach is to use PLAZMA peri-workout and take 1 dose of INDIGO about 20-30 min. before drinking PLAZMA then having another dose 30 min before eating your carbs (if you strength train close to your evening meal, you only need one dose). This is not unlike what I’m personally doing.