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Indigo........Using It In The Right Way?


Please don't take offense to what I am gonna say, but I would like to her people thoughts.

The indigo supplement that T-Nation has brought out is amazing bit of kit, no dought! But what I have notice is that tho people are getting results from it are they using it in the right way.

what I am trying to say is would it be better for the overweight person to lose as much weight as they can naturally without the sup, and the start the supp when they are down to a decent % bf. Surely this would be more beneficial than taking it until u reach the goal that you want?

which brings me to my second question, surely if you take indigo for a long period of time your body will become custom to it effects and start to build a resistance to the effects? I mean if you look at other thing like, caffeine, creatine, and even whey to an extent, you body builds some resistance to the supplement and you don't get the same effect as you once did.


The truth? It is ALWAYS better to learn the discipline and the general knowledge involved before relying on something external. Most people don't become obese because they are diligent in their eating and training habits. They become obese by being in denial and letting a problem get too far out of hand before taking any action against it.

Yes, you would ideally fix that first before trying to use a bandaid that in any way allows them to think they can continue living the same yet get different results.

That is why there has been so much discussion about the progress people were making BEFORE they started using it....because if they were fucking up the lifestyle before, you fix that before moving onward to a supplement.


2 out of 3 is false


yeah, my body has got used to steak, its a real bitch now i cant gain from it


wait, I thought that was the true one...



Right! the reason I say, creatine and whey was because of this: 1. I read an blog a couple of years ago about a natural bb, who decided to take whey out of the equations for a 2 weeks and just eat solid food, after the two weeks were over he wnt back to whey, nd he felt that he was getting a benefit from the whey. This is the same thing you see from fasting, a lot of people of fast for 36hrs and the resume normal eating have quite a few benefits, form better nutrient uptake, insulin sensitivity, digestion etc. Also your body will only absorb so much creatine before it starts spitting the rest out. Why do you think you have to cycle it.


"Felt"? Very solid evidence...
Also, by comparing that to the effects of fasting you're comparing apples and oranges. Actually, no, you're comaring apples and butterflies.

You don't.


You need to rotate steak, pork and lamb every 3 weeks. It's all about the protein confusion. Otherwise your digestive system will catch up and all gains will immediately stop!!!


Wow, I really hope you don't believe this. Everyone knows you need a four week turkey buffer in there after every cycle...


Where is the taper protocol from your meat? The longer your meat cycle, the more you need a taper protocol.

This thead has officially derailed.


I don't think you need to taper your Steak intake as long as you employ some type of Post Meat Therapy (PMT) drugs.



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protein confusion and PMT just made my day


Now i understand why i have been failing. Thanks guys