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Indigo Training Programs... Will They Be Available To Us?


i am presently doing the hp mass program... but would love to try one of the new HP mass programs. but i can't afford the steep price of indigo. so i'm not part of the project. will guys like me ever have access to those programs?


Programs are sometimes great but i rarely follow it to the letter. I use one barbell, a power rack and bench. With some adjustable DB work.

CT's stuff is really good buts its for equipped and mostly empty gyms.


Simply read an Indigo log. Everything is included in them.
Can you acess the logs without buying Indigo?


yeah i have picked up quite a bit from the Indigo-3G logs that show up in the site search... i don't know if i can access the indigo logs without being in on it though.

i like to follow programs pretty closely if possible especially if i believe in the methods behind them like HPMass.

edit.... no can't access Indigo-3G logs


you can follow he logs without being on it, you just cannot comment on it, Indigo itself isnt too bad of price but for people like me it gets VERY expensive because most of us on it are also using the Anaconda protocol, I myself am on Indigo and take 3 scoops MAG-10, 1 scoop Anaconda, 5 scoops SWF and two FINiBARs every workout 5 times a week so it adds up, Its more about financial responsibilities and if you have the funds to do something like this. I am a broke college student myself but I work part time so I am able to afford it


can anyone tell me how you are supposed to use the spec workouts in the Indigo-3G project training programs?
If you pattern train 5 days in a row, are the spec workouts done immediately after? any ideas when we're supposed to use what spec workout on which days?



In my experience, you get the most out of the spec programs by choosing only one (whichever you consider a weak point and want to focus on) and slotting that into your split as a 6th day of training.

I was doing a spec workout 2-3 times a week over the summer (I was chosen to get programs from CT earlier) and I feel like that was too much volume and ultimately held me back. Hope that helps.


Just in general- if you wish to gain access to the Indigo HP Mass programs at this point, you must purchase Indigo-3G. Once you do so, you become a member of the Indigo Team and will receive access to nutrition/training support from Chris Shugart and Christian Thibaudeau (respectively) through the Indigo livespills. As a member of the Indigo Team, you cna also view the programs online.


Thank god. I was thinking that was a hell of a lot of volume1
awesome! thanks.


So I'm really interested in taking indigo 3G, but would like to actually talk to CT about it, how would I go about doing that?


Drop him a comment in the Indigo livespills. You can also call Biotest and speak to customer service to get more information, though that won't be CT.