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Indigo Training HFS Program-Phase 1 Questions


Hi coach, I had a few general questions when doing the strength program you just released for Indigo.

  1. When it comes to adding weight every week, is it cumulative? If I use 155lbs on week 1, do I go up to 165, then 175, and finished week 4 with 195?

  2. What if the Lats/Biceps day feels a little too easy? Should I just take it as active rest, or can I replace it with a spec workout or rest entirely? Or just do everything as written?

  3. What if the progression of weights seems uneven to me? I can easily see myself in week 4 for the squat-weight, but for the bench I'll pretty much be at my 1rm for the triples.

  4. What kind of eating strategy should I shoot for? slow bulk? Is slow cutting ok? close to maintenance just with lots of peri-workout carbs?


Obviously I’m not CT, but I can tell you the answers he has given before.

  1. Don’t worry about the weight on the HFS part. Just keep it explosive. If you are adding weight week to week, fine; if not, fine. All the reps should be explosive.

  2. What do you mean two easy? Focus on the form and the contractions on those days. You’re looking for a muscle building stimulus to those “structural” bodyparts; you don’t have to feel dead at the end of the workout (actually, you shouldn’t on any of the days).

  3. The written weight progressions are guidelines to kind of set your mind right about the goals of each section of the program. Focus on the effect (for instance, hitting a set of 3 reps or 4 is basically the same, but a set of 12 is not the same as 3 - so do the weight you can do for the effect he’s looking for), and dominate the weight.

  4. Eating is kind of dependent on your goals, but the strength programs is written for strength gains, which you typically won’t see if grossly undereating. The rule of thumb tends to be to focus your carbs around the periworkout window, then expand them to rest of the day depending on your needs. You’ll have to gauge how you’re feeling and recovering.


Thanks for the answers!

and all I meant was that unlike the HFS days, the lats/biceps workout just didn’t feel challenging at all and was really short, but I guess I’m too used to strength training and need to focus on the contraction and bodybuilding on that day. but your answers are really very helpful, I’ll focus on explosiveness and recovery.