Indigo timing and Superfood recommendations

Hi all,

I just got my hands on some Indigo-3G, have used it before but this time want to really get things dialled in.

I currently have my pre workout: caffeine (upon waking), citrulline malate, beta-alanine, l-tyrosine and taurine about 15 minutes after waking.

Once I’ve drunk that I will then have maybe 25grams of hbcd. Should I add in a protein to the hbcd and would the Indigo-3G pair well with that. Basically like Plazma just my own versions of each.

I sweat loads at the gym and I’m guessing this is from drinking so much when I wake up coupled with the pre workout, will adding another 600 ml matter much?

I usually have my protein shake after I’ve cycled to work so maybe 1-3 hours after the carbs. Previously I used Indigo-3G upon waking with the carbs but now wondering if I should use for my largest meal of the day. Macros vary throughout the day but will usually be most of my carbs in morning and dinner.

Also is there any good time with Superfood or whenever? Assume whenever but maybe some anecdotal experience if you’ve noticed closer to bed to aid with recovery or more morning for energy throughout the day.

Thanks all and love the products. Would love to have Mag-10/Plazma in the UK more often as your supplier isn’t stocking it anymore.

Also to add I’ll probably replace the caffeine with Red-Bombs (caffeine & berberine). Would this be overkill with the Indigo-3G?

Indigo (a personal favorite) is designed to be used with Carbs. Thus, you can use it pre-workout (the goal would be for it to work along with your HBCD) or simply with your largest meal of the day.

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You could add some protein, or even L-Leucine as that will jumpstart protein synthesis on its own.

I’d just make sure to take the Indigo-3G 30 minutes prior to your workout / HBCD.

Personally, I’d probably stick with Indigo-3G pre-training and then have it before dinner on non-training days.

I’ve taken Superfood at many different times, and I can’t say that I’ve noticed a plus to any specific time. Whatever is going to allow you to be consistent with it is the best time. For me, that’s after dinner.


When I take Superfood in the evening, only thing I’ve noticed is that I wake up just before my alarm pretty much every day with good energy. Probably placebo but who knows.

Tastes bad on its own but actually really pairs well with a chocolate shake, especially when they are a bit sweet.

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I echo what the others have said. Basically follow Thibs recommendations, lift days Indigo-3G 30 mins before training, start my hbcd and protein 15 mins before. Off days Indigo-3G 30 mins before dinner or highest carb meal. This has worked well for me, indigo is great stuff for overall health as well as the lifting benefits.