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Indigo Project Vids (Fan-made)


Thank you for allowing me to use the footage and photo's - I had alot of fun making them :slightly_smiling:


first post been lurking forever soaking up all this great info but after seeing these videos i have to break my silence with F***ING INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks again! These videos are insane man. I had to put them on my Facebook :slightly_smiling:


Thank you!

glad you liked them :slight_smile:


what are the song names on these videos?


Really great vids. Well done :slightly_smiling:


Pretty cool to see some of our forum regulars working hard out there!


Very nicely done, i know a lot of people will use this before heading to the gym for some motivation


WELL done! Great work on those videos!


How did those in the Indigo Project get to go to Colorado to train with CT?


Looks so epic...


Thanks for the kind words everyone :slight_smile:
I had alot of fun making them.

Song list:

1) Immediate Music - Pandora
(there's also a vocal edition that's very good)

2) Brand X Music - Bring the Pain

3) Audio Machine - Blood + Glory


Epic!! So many thanks!!


Epic!! So many thanks!!