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Indigo Project Training Question

I was sooo excited to see these programs posted on the T-Nation website, but I have a few questions about the programs…

For the Mass program, performing Military Presses, Squats and Bench Press 4 days per week, for the 3rd week, is the weight the same as week 2, or 10 lbs heavier than week 2?
Adding 10 lbs was certainly harder for the Military Press than it was for the Squats and Bench as it is clearly a greater percentage increase.

For the Fat Loss program - any suggestions for a Prowler replacement for those without access?

Is a Layer System program being done?

Outstanding work as always on this website, with your work being my favorite Thibaudeau (your transformation series and workouts are still my favorites).

Thanks for the help in advance.


Is no one doing these programs as published??
Or is every one layering now??

Your first question is about the High Frequency Strength portion of the program, correct?
If so, don’t get too hung up on the numbers. The goal is to do frequent work with substantial weight, but not so heavy that your recovery capacity suffers. By the end of that first part of each session you should feel activated, NOT tired. That means that you might need to be more conservative, especially on certain lifts. I had to lighten the load A LOT on deadlifts, for example.
Remember - the goal is frequent high quality, perfect form explosive work.

As for the Prowler replacement - make a sled. I started out using a tire with strings attached and a 10kg bag of sand on top.