Indigo Project Questions

First off, thanks to anyone with any information who may be able to help me out with some questions I have regarding the Hypertrophy subset of the Indigo Project.

  1. I noticed there was no specific, direct abdominal work in this section. Unless of course I missed it. Is it not recommended by CT, or what would anyone recommend/had good experience with to get sufficient ab work during this plan?

  2. My second concern is the same as 1, except for the calves.

  3. I have read several times that it is highly recommended to take Plazma and MAG-10 during this training due to the insane volume. Am I reading the label correct when it says I am basically going to go through each tub of Plazna in about 7 workouts?

Thanks for any insight or help I may get from experienced users of this program, or anyone knowledgeable on the subject of it!

  1. Here’s a link to CT talking about ab work:
    2a. Here’s a very recent forum post regarding calves:
    2b. Here’s another description of a method on the VERY BOTTOM OF PAGE 2:
  2. I don’t have an answer for you. Other than you probably are reading the label correctly. Plazma works, according to everyone who has used it, but it is pretty pricey so just do what you can.

I wouldn’t over think the program too much. You can modify and add to it as you see fit. Get some ab work in however you feel like it. Personally, I love the Indigo-3G programs and I’ve modified the last few sets to always stop at 3. That way it allows me to do weighted carries + abs as a finisher. This does more good for my core than any straight ab workouts.

For calves, most would say if you’re squatting properly you don’t need extra stimulus for your calves. Again if you feel like you do, add some in at the end of the squat day. Try a John Meadows calf routine if you’re looking for a killer.

Just watch the weights and volume on the program, you should be getting stronger week to week both due to the progression scheme but also from the results. If you’re not, watch out for over training and back off either volume or weight.

For Plazma, it is pretty essential. I think many do 2 scoops for weeks 1 and 4 and 3 scoops for weeks 2 and 4. Personally, I usually get by just fine on 2 scoops of Plazma plus MAG-10 post workout.

Good luck!