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Indigo Project Progress Questions

Hello Christian,
Currently finished the second week of Indigo Project and have really enjoyed it. I just have a few questions to ask-

  1. a) With the High Frequency Strength Work, I’ve been using reverse bands for the 3 exercises (Military, Squat & Bench) which has minimised the eccentric fatigue (particularly when using high reps) allowing for better recovery between workouts- Is this a good strategy to follow?

b) As a side note for personal knowledge, what is the benefits of doing the high frequency military, squat and bench 4x week? As they are done back to back twice a week is it applicable to double stimulation training effects?

  1. What are your thoughts on splitting each session into 2 separate sessions such as AM completing the High Frequency Strength and PM completing the Functional and Structural Work?
    I only suggest this because it takes me around 40 mins to complete the High Frequency Strength part, with today being the deadlift pattern taking me 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete the whole session. All while I was hustling the whole session keeping the pace up while working out at my home gym. I am a 2A by the way if that helps in prescribing an ideal solution.

  2. For the triceps, during the compound lifts like military press and bench press, my shoulders and pecs are majorly dominant during these lifts as I feel them work quite effectively during the lifts, while I hardly feel my triceps during the lifts, even while I try to drive from the elbows when pushing.
    So, would it be beneficial to do triceps work similar to the biceps work on the Structural biceps day. Allow the triceps to get some stimulation for someone like me who has long arms, what would you suggest works best on this program?

Thank you for your time,
Henri Lamer

It’s a good strategy to decrease fatigue and facilitate recovery. But it doesn’t transfer that well to performing the actual lifts. I personally find that reverse band work messes up my timing on the big lifts hence why I only use this method as a deload. But people with very good motor skills (those who learn movements easily, who are naturally very coordinated and good at pretty much any sport they try) might be able to progress well on it because their capacity to transfer progress done with one modality to another is high.

The double stimulation has little to do with it. It’s not the type of work I would use for the 2nd stimulation (it would be low stress pump work). It is only to do the movement patterns/exercises very often to become neurally efficient at them

Yes it’s something that many people did. If they can do it, it will work better

I would not add anything, the program is already very high volume

Thank you Christian for the reply.

I was looking at purchasing the ‘conjugate bodybuilding program’ because I like the Indigo Project program but I have watched your videos and you mentioned the CBP is a 2A program which is exactly what I am and it is a current program of yours.

In terms of the goal for size and strength, which program do you think delivers the optimal results? Particularly the High frequency vs conjugate systems?

Thank you again,
Henri Lamer

If you train hard, are 100% motivated and do not exceed your capacity to recover, the program doesn’t matter THAT MUCH. A program will work better for someone and worst for another person. It really depends on what kind of program fits you the most. If you are attracted by the type of training, if it fires you up, you will get better results regardless of if its better on paper or not.

Of course this only applies to non-idiotic programs.

Both programs are equally as effective, if they are done by someone who is designed to do wel on that type of training. I personally would get better results on the conjugate program (which is what I’m doing now) but plenty of folks will get better gains from the high frequency plan.

It’s not like I design less effective programs