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Indigo Project Phase Arrangement

Hello Christian,
I have a question on the ‘indigo project training programs’…

  1. I understand that each discipline (strength, performance, hypertrophy) should be done separately for phase 1 to 2 to 3 but is it possible to re-arrange so you in a 12 week block you do a phase of hypertrophy than a phase of strength than a phase of performance. While following to same high frequency progression model for the 12 weeks?

  2. I feel this can cater towards my personality because I equally enjoy training all 3 disciplines but only for short periods at a time (2-4 weeks), so by changing up the the discipline each phase it can activate my motivation at the beginning of each phase.

What are your thoughts?
Thank you

Yes, this would be more like a typical block periodization scheme where you have an accumulation block, an intensification block and a realization block

Sure, you are likely a type 2A. For 2A the key variable is variation.

Hello Christian,
Thank you for the reply, thats great to hear, from reading your writings on neurotyping I did gravitate to type 2A.

Just adding to the program

  1. What would be the best order for accumulation block, an intensification block and a realization block-
    Phase 1- Hypertrophy
    Phase 2- Strength
    Phase 3- Performance
    Is this the best order of progression to follow?

  2. With the weekly layout should it be-
    Day 1- On
    Day 2- On
    Day 3- Back/Bi’s
    Day 4- Off
    Day 5- On
    Day 6- On
    Day 7- Off

Thank you

Yes that is the correct order

Yes that’s fine

Hello Christian,
Thank you for the help, the program has been great so far