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Indigo Project and Stalling

Hey CT
Im 7 weeks into your hypertrophy cycle and im starting to stall on weights, the volume isnstarting to drain me and i feel as though im getting a bit weaker in some areas, especially the HFS portion shoulder press, im judt after some clarification and sinple answers you may know

  1. Are HFS ssets all suppose to be explosive? If so should we not jncrease weight until we can explose all reps?

  2. After week 8 should one take a week break to revover? Im upped my dose of curcumin, betaine, digestive enzhymes and carbs 250 now 300

3 seeing as this is an older program rebirthed again what are some key points you could
Advise for people giving this a shot?

Id love to hear from you personally your time would be much appreciated!!


Also could you please clarify what this means the “same as 5"”.

y ou have two types of sets in the foundation section. Regular straight sets where you do 6 repetitions. And cluster sets where you do 8 reps (with the same weight as you did 5) but with 10- 15 sec. between reps."