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Indigo Progress


I know that there's a whole page of logs on the Indigo supplement, but instead of scrolling through each and every log, sifting through random posts, is there somewhere that I don't know about that people just post results. Like a weekly thing where people say "I am down 3 pounds and gained 5 pounds on my bench."

If not, then out of convenience can we just make this a thread where people on the Indigo supplement ONLY post their weekly results. I am curious of how people are responding and the progress they are making, but it's extremely time consuming reading every single post to come to the end of a log and see the last post is a progress post.

Basically, this is just a request for all Indigo users to post their weekly progress, AND ONLY their weekly progress (even if you want to copy and paste that same progress post from your log).

If something like this already exists, again, please inform me.

Thanks and best of luck.


I know what you mean dude.

My reports are longer than hell though, so adding them here to this post will just be clutter. And it takes time my man to put these things together...having to put them in other places is a pain. My latest report is up though if you're interested. I'm thinking there are already some threads out there in this Nutrition area, in the alpha group area, that already sort of cover the topic of Indigo progress and commentary by others not in the actual testing group.

I know people have alot of questions, need alot more clarification. I think setting up a thread like this would be good to collect those questions, commentary, etc...and then those of us using I-3G can come in here and answer.


This is just a bump. With indigo being released to the public I would like to see if those who went through the process got results.

Not to be a debby-downer, but when I saw some of the logs, it seemed that "heavy" people cleaned up their diet significantly, as in, there was no way they got to their size by eating what they were eating in their logs (again, it could just be a fluke as I just picked random 1-3 pages of a random group of logs).

For simplicity, did you people taking indigo really think it worked? I question some of the results because to me it didn't seem Indigo was the main culprit to results- it was the diet change and workout change.

I'm not looking to bash Indigo here- I just want to get the approval of the users. If they say it works, I'm all in and hands down willing to pay whatever price it is.


I'm using it now. I have been using it for about 8-10 days. It is a little too soon to really get into overall effects, but I am documenting what I see so far.

I do know I filled out like I do when taking in heavy carbs...only without the heavy carbs. I think you can see some difference in the pictures.

I agree....people who were training and eating wrong before will confuse any results seen by outsiders.

To really see how it works, it would probably be best to pick someone who bulked up before and had pictures of it to compare to eating the same while taking this supplement after dieting down.

Granted, more muscle may be added, but body comp would be the greatest indicator.


I'm interested in what would happen if someone took both I3G and aas and how it should be used.

Buffd I know you talked about this a bit, any toughts?


Yeah, I think the combination of I-3G and anabolics would be fantastic. In my understanding, insulin can only get nutrients into the muscle cell or fat cell...I-3G helps the muscle cell absorb more....but you need testosterone or an analog to activate the muscle cell to manufacture something with the nutrient raw materials. I think the limiting factor behind whether one makes good muscle gain or not when using I-3G, training appropriately, and eating enough, is your anabolic hormone level.

So, if you have more a good thing in your system (anabolics), you will make better use of what you eat to gain muscle.

I haven't tried this obviously. I've been completely off anabolics for 3 years, so I'm taking I-3G pretty "clean". But I want to do some experimentation with I-3G and other supps, including anabolics in the future.


Describes exactly what I witnessed firsthand. Granted, I was only interested in scale #s because I was getting ready for a contest (2nd show in a month and a half period), but over 5 week's time, my weight decreased only .4 lbs. The physical (visual) changes however were drastic indeed, especially for someone of my experience level. While you could argue forever about the people who weren't training or eating well enough before incorporating I3G into the routine, no one can say that about what I was doing pre-Indigo.



Agreed, which is why for people asking about results, it should be clear by now who to follow.

I am increasing my food intake now. I was afraid to do so before because, basically, this is the first time in my life I've been this size in this condition and didn't want to fuck that up right now. Since I gave up shirts, life is way more interesting.

Part of me wants to go back to eating like I was before just to see what happens.


Thank you for your detailed reply ! I appreciate

Let me know if you do experiment with it combined with AAS if you can !


Thanks Stu - in your opinion are the results worth the price ?


For ME it was worthwhile. As I've pointed out many times: once I started doing contests, the level I was competing at continually rose. To cover my bases (and to counter the fact that I'm always one of the oldest competitors in the open classes!), I started relying more and more on supplements that would aid my recovery, or optimize my body's functioning in any way. Each time I would make a decision to try something new (and always after a ton of research), I would honestly evaluate its effectiveness, and decide whether or not it was useful in my strategy.

To look back at my competitive history (May '09 - June '11), I can say, as objectively as I can, and without a hint of arrogance (or at least trying to sound that way -lol), that I've been as successful as anyone could ever have hoped to have been. Each time I approached a show, I knew I was under the gun to produce and show that I wasn't a fluke my first time out. Each contest was a chance to raise my level of size, conditioning, posing, everything. Preparing for a show is MUCH more than just what you do in the gym, and that's where making the most of anything and everything at your disposal comes in to play.

So yes, in my opinion, is was most certainly worth it.



Thank you Stu for the imput. I believe it takes someone of your caliber to truly speak on the effectiveness of this supplement. I have to laugh when I look at all these people willling to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a supplement when it is obvious from their physique that they were not doing much if anything to control their diet previously. Why pay all that money when they could first hire Shelby or another quality nutritionist for a fraction of the cost and 10 times the results.


I've got a better idea. Do both. Just make sure the nutritionist understands you will need carbs.



Just to put this out there...but if you need a nutritionist like that just to get in shape at all, you are probably not cut out for this.

I could see using a nutritionist to take it to the next level...as in competition or to really push the envelope and get ripped....but to simply look like a serious weight lifter?

Are you guys serious with that type of thinking?

This is a lifestyle...and no, clearly many here were not living it before.

I would fix that first.


Yep. and if you don't know what you're doing, just pick one of the 6000 programs on here and follow it, then pick one of the 5000 diets and follow that. if you do that for an extended period. you will be fine.


I think, if we've learned anything from these boards over the years, that a lot of people are completely happy with just looking "normal". I think a lot of people would hire nutritionists to be normal looking... Hence the popularity of TV shows like, The Biggest Loser, Extreme Make Over: Weight Loss Edition, Heavy ect.

Not that you or I would ever aspire to look "normal" but for a lot of people, thats what they want. I guess thats just a sad side effect of the state of fitness in the US population dont ya think?

but yeah... I agree with what you said


For some, looking "normal" is a HUGE accomplishment. I tip my hat to them and don't consider it sad at all. I do scratch my head though if they decide to stop once they hit normal.


Looking "normal" is a huge accomplishment for someone who is 400-500lbs... but the thing that is sad is how many people GET to that 400-500lb state in the first place. Thats what I was referring too (the all time high of obesity rates)

does that make sense?


Not just that, but from what I've seen, most of these people do look normal...like the average sedentary person who doesn't lift.

You fix that by living the lifestyle of an actual bodybuilder.

A nutritionist shouldn't be needed to get you to look like you lift...unless you are simply completely turned around on how to eat at all on a basic level of nutrition.


I think if someone is able to admit that they are all turned around about the way they eat, and acknowledge that they could use some professional help, they are more committed to the game then someone who keeps grinding their wheels making no progress, sitting in denial that they just don't have it figured out.