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Indigo Performance Push Press Replacement


Hi coach,

Im interested in doing the Indigo-3G Project performance program but have had recent shoulder problems which have been giving me problems with doing push presses and barbell overhead presses.

Are there any replacements/modifications you could recommend as substitution?


Can you do incline presses?


Yes I have no problem with incline presses. Should incline presses be switched for push presses and the overhead press?


Yes you can use 2 variations of incline work... either varying the angle or the grip width


CT your article today made me think of two questions if you had a few minutes:

  1. Systemic stimulation (from heavy compounds)...could this be why Built for Bad is set up circuit fashion vs. doing each lift individually? Like really simplistically, alternating amongst 5 reps of back squat, push press, and SGHP would stimulate more muscle/strength than doing them as straight sets USING SAME WEIGHT?

  2. Bar dips still feel awkward for me. I can do ring dips but bar dips with chin tucked and feet forward (shoulder in socket) never seem to get me the pec pump that I get from BP off pins. Is this something common and goes away after lots of practice with weighted dips?
    I'm pretty good at gymnastic stuff and BP still feels better (More powerful) than weighted dips. Do you have a video of yourself doing them? Your BP tutorials were really helpful (ibodybuilder, explode at turnaround) and I'm just not sure how to do this style with dips.

Thanks much