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Indigo Hypertrophy Question

Hi CT,

After a long stint of not being able to train as much due to life circumstances, I am finally ready to get back into the swing of the things full force. I really like the set up of the hypertrophy indigo program yet I would not be able to afford Indigo itself. I can still afford Plazma and MAG-10 so I know that helps, but I was just wondering if I should modify the volume of the program in any way due to not having Indigo. Hope that question isn’t too difficult and I appreciate your help.

I’ve done Indigo several times. I would not do it if you are just getting back into. The frequency of the main lifts will kill you. If you really wanted to do. I always do a primer phase before Indigo were I only do the frequency lifts and my third day, the lats and arms, I do as written. Don’t do any of the spec workouts. You do not need them and they are a waste of time. After 4 weeks of getting used to the main lifts again. Then add the pump stuff afterward. Also with this way you don’t really need to other supplements as much, save for the 4 weeks and get Indigo-3G after the primer phase.