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Indigo Hypertrophy/Fat Loss Program


CT, I was looking over some of the indigo fat loss/hypertrophy programs (I believe they were first labeled female training) and they seem like they would really fit the bill for what I'm currently trying to improve upon (that is fat loss and general conditioning). I did have a couple questions though.

1) Would I be better served using more of a traditional split with 5x5 (double progression) in place of the HFS portion? Or should I not mess with the HFS portion?

2) Where in this program would be good opportunities to add chin-ups and weighted carries? Are there certain movements in the complexes that I could substitute with weighted carries or substitute some sets of the complexes with carries? Or am I trying to unnecessarily force something where it doesn't fit?

3) Am I mistaken and there are better methods to accomplish my goals?

Any help is appreciated.


I would stick to the program as written. I’m on phase 2 of the Hypertrophy version have had noticeable results across the board.