Indigo Help/Question

So I decided to give Indigo a shot and have been taking it now for a few weeks and don’t feel or notice anything. Is it something that can take a while to build up or should I start noticing/feeling the effects right away?

Currently, I’m taking it on 6 tabs on training days as recommended. I’m currently carb cycling and try eat eat as little carbs on non-training days. On training days I eat carbs, and I’ve actually started eating more carbs as is the recommendation. But I don’t notice anything different. Should I be doing something different? Any recommendation?

It’d be best if you reposted this over in the Indigo forum where other people can give you better answers.

Could be a few things: the low carb days, the training, etc. But it’s not really a supp that you “feel.” Take measurements and weekly or biweekly pics to track progress.

Thanks for that…I will go ahead and repost in the Indigo Forum!