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Indigo Fat-Loss Hypertrophy Program

I’ve decided to give Indigo 3G a shot since it’s gotten such positive reviews, and figured that I should use the designed training programs to get the most out of it. Admittedly I need to put on muscle, but I want to lean out as well, so I’ve decided to try the Fat-Loss Hypertrophy template.

  1. I live in Yokosuka, Japan and work on the Naval Base… I don’t really have access to a prowler or battle ropes; is there anything viable that I can use with a substitute or should I just substitute with something that gives an exhaustive effort (KB swings or weighted carries come to mind). I don’t think I can pull off the “off treadmill pushes” in circuit fashion (or will be stopped by the staff) and could POSSIBLY do the yoga mat plate pushes, but if those aren’t viable options does anyone have any other suggestions?

  2. IF I can solidify an entity on the base that would effectively let me store a prowler at their facility if I let their personnel use it whenever they wanted, I could get away with some dedicated work outside of the circuits. Would this be a viable method to get the prowler work in while keeping the circuits somewhat in tact with alternative exercises?

I’ve tried looking at the indigo logs, but for whatever reason it just takes me to the forums page when I click on the respective link. Also, I’ll try using some of the suggestions in the “5 Exercises That Are Better Than The Prowler” article if there isn’t any advice offered, but I wanted to try to get some live feedback.

Thanks guys/ladies!

Also hill sprints are an option I’ve noticed mentioned, again it would be after the circuits due to proximity of the hills to the gym.