Indigo and Breakfast

I’m going to be arranging my diet so that my largest meal will be breakfast (a meal I’ve always eaten–I’m not a breakfast skipper). Meals will become progressively lower in calories throughout the day.

My primary goal is losing body fat, so I’m eating three meals with 30 grams of Mag-10 protein (1 1/2 servings) as a pulse between two meals.

My question concerns using Indigo on non training days. Since breakfast will now be my largest mea, would it be making the most of Indigo to use it 1/2 hour before breakfast? The reason I ask is that I was under the impression that insulin sensitivity was at its peak during your first meal of the day. This makes sense,as you’ve just undergone an overnight fast.

So, would I be Better off saving the Idigo for my second (and second largest largest) meal?

On training days I’m still planning on using Indigo pre training, and making my post workout meal my largest meal of the day.



Over thinking

Have it before your biggest carb meal. For you? Sounds like breakfast.

Insuline shit aside, Indigo works when you give it something to work with. Remember how long it works and plan accordingly. If your later meal is high calories but low carbs, stick to breakfast.

Yes, that simple.

@JFG, how long does Inidgo-3G last for?

It’s sort of irrelevant. Just take as recommended everyday. Other than the general timing guidelines related to training days, I really don’t think it matters. That stuff worked for me and kept on working long after I was off it.