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Indigo 3G Workout Nutrition Protocol


The nutrition protocol 2 suggests that you use the following:
1 scoop ANACONDA
3 scoops MAG-10

OK, that's cool, but what would be the right amount of intensified flavoring? I find if you put in too much, it tastes too sweet. Any ideas? If I went by the label, it would be like 20-25ml of flavoring. that seems intense, but not in a good way.


Trick question as it's a personal preference. I could go for 4 caps and be fine, you might need 1, here is what you do.

Add 1 cap, taste, add more if needed


Holy shit dude, 4 caps! I'm good with 1- 1 1/2, but like you said to the OP, gotta figure that one out for yourself.


I like to go with 2 caps.


I used to go with 2.5 caps, then I slowly got used to it and scaled back a bit, but then recently I re-developed a taste for it and started using a bit more... weird.



Good cuz MAG-10 and Surge wf taste like ass when u don't have enough.