Indigo-3G Workout Explanation

Hi Everyone

Can anyone guide me here to details of the Indigo Project workouts routine?

I need to understand how to do the program, like do we just do the routine specified for each day, or we also do the specialization workouts for each day?

No worries, the info of the Indigo workouts were exclusively outlined in the LiveSpills. The way it works is Mon-Friday you do the specified workout for the day.

The HFSW (High Frequency Strength Work) is done LIGHT and EXPLOSIVE. Absolutely nothing near grinding reps. It acts as a “warm up”, a “neural ramp” and it brings your strength up through high frequency of movement pattern training.

If you have an area that needs to be brought up, you can pick ONE extra workout and do it once per week. You drop it on the 4th week of each cycle to allow recovery from the 2x frequency. These are optional, and you have to take into account your recovery ability here, as not everyone can recover from 6 workouts a week. More work doesnt always equal more results, recovery is just as large a piece of the puzzle as training is.

thanks a lot…

just one more thing…

it has 3 phases…and each phase has 4 different sub-phases…
so i do one subphase for 4 weeks,then the next sub phase and so on…once done with the 4 sub phases…move onto pHase 2?

No, Pick your goal and run each phase of that single goal back to back.

Meaning you would do Phase 1 Strength, then Phase 2 Strength, then Phase 3 strength.

Although in reality the programs are all fairly similar and can be used to build off each other. When they first came out I ran the Hypertrophy phases and then the Strength phases back to back for 6 months. If you look at the layout of those 2 programs you will see the reps and volume slowly drop over the course of the 6 months while the intensity increases. Its kind of like a loooong progressive overload cycle.