Indigo 3G While on Cycle?

Ordered my gear for my next cycle, in the meantime I’ve been using the Indigo 3G/Plazma/MAG-10 stack and have enjoyed the results. Before starting this, I had dieted down till I had visible abs again - started with the V-Diet, but about a week or two in I shifted it to protein shakes all day and a solid meal at night. Dropped a good 15-20 pounds over a 5-6 week period. With the Plazma and MAG-10 I have put back on 6-7 pounds and stayed about as lean as I was post-diet (going off appearance, haven’t been tested).

Anyway, question is this: would it be worthwhile to continue the Indigo while on cycle? Cycle will be as follows:

Primobolan 700mg weeks 1 - 14
Test E 250mg weeks 1 - 14
TNE/DBol 75/25mg as a preworkout 4x/week, 2 weeks on 1 off
Test P 50mg/day weeks 15 - 16 (bridge to PCT)
Aromasin ED/EOD, adjusting dose against E2 sides

Nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20

This is my first time using the Indigo, and I am interested in the carb partitioning effects. I can afford to do it, I am just curious if it is worth the money while on. The test as to whether it would be beneficial, I guess, would be if it has lasting effects after the cycle is over. Planning on continuing with the Plazma and MAG-10, as I feel great using them. A little full at the end of a workout, but still.