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Indigo 3G Timing?

Hey all! I’m new to the website and just found about this site a few weeks ago and Indigo 3G. My buddy I lift started taking it a year ago and it worked wonders for him so I figured I’d give it a go! But Id like some help knowing how to run it and when to take it since I work 7-3:30 Monday-Friday and I get to the gym around 4:45.

And I get to the gym on the weekends around noon. I’m starting the Indigo strength program Monday. So I’m trying get as much info as possible before then and I read all about Indigo on here and the back of the label. So I’m just trying to get advice and help through. Thanks!

You probably know this, but you can jump on the spill and get answers in real-time for these types of questions.

Otherwise, I have nothing to add to the back of the label. Been using it as-directed myself (sometimes not so as-directed) and haven’t found a reason to stray from the label, especially as a starting point for someone new.

Join us in the Indigo-3G / Program Support Training Lab on the front page of TNation. Here’s today’s:


Also, be sure to get your Indigo log started:


No I didn’t know that, but thanks for the information bc I had no idea.