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Indigo 3G Review


Hey, I'm toying with the idea of trying Indigo 3G but with the price tag I'd like to read some reviews. Obviously there are reviews on this site but I am well familiar with the strict moderation of the forums and as negative reviews of a product that supports the site would be counter productive I'd like to read a review from an outside source. If anyone knows of any good reviews or logs on an outside site could you please pm them to me? Thanks.


You can check out the BootCamp2 Enrolling thread along with the Indigo logs under "Training Lab." Professor X has seen really great results with the stuff, as have many others.

Personally, I just don't know how some of these college students are affording the price tag. I'm not saying it's not worth the money; I'm just surprised that so many 20-somethings can afford nearly 500 bucks every six weeks for one supplement.


parents in most cases.


Actually, it's 160 per month once you're past the initial 12 week period.

Work in other cases.


pm sent


check the logs, the pictures speak for themselves


as I3G is my only Biotest purchase so far, i can say this is a completely non-biased review.

it works if your diet and training is in check. i ate lots of "junk" carbs for 4 or 5 days and DID gain fat (possibly water weight) even on I3G. but the days where i eat a shit ton of rice, potatoes, fruit and veggies, and 80-120g of waxy maize peri-workout, i can truly say it keeps you lean and lets you eat a TON of carbs. the muscle fullness and pumps is crazy too. FYI i am a FFB who follows mainly low carb diets when not using I3G, so being able to eat 300-500g in a day and not turn into the michelin man is truly a miracle.

in short: it works if you eat clean, it is NOT a magic pill (or 12) that lets you eat whatever you want, not that they ever advertised it like that, just saying my experiences.


I need to know whether they ship overseas or not. I'd need it shipped to Hongkong. If it's possible I am IN. I have been watching the progress reports and I like what I'm hearing!


I would agree with this completely, this is what I experienced. Indigo-3G did NOT let me eat like shit without gaining fat (unfortunately), but when I ate a LOT of carb sources that were clean, I got leaner and bigger.


Has anyone considered the possibility that well-timed so-called "clean carbs" were always at your disposal? Along with intense, well-programed training --- there's your "muscle fullness and pumps", and gains in lean mass...


Come on guys, what I'm seeing here is that "clean carbs" are low fat carbs. So if you eat carbs low in fat, you won't put on as much fat. Seriously. Google "How we get fat" by "Lyle McDonald"



No diagreement there. Also, the tons of people afraid to eat who suddenly will because of this is also a factor.

That was why from the beginning I said pay attention to the people already making progress.

Over the next month or so, I plan to increase my carb intake along with it just to see what happens.

Yes, by themselves, eating more and watching what you eat equals muscle if lifting hard....no shit.

So why watch the progress of someone who looked like a newb?

Follow the guys who had already bulked up and cut a few dozen times who would be able to actually tell a difference.




Also, my personal results may be skewed because I was dieting. I only know that with the Indigo, MAG-10 and Anaconda, I held onto more muscle than I have before when dieting while also having my cheat days.

I have dieted many times. The last serious one was before I got out the military about 4 years back and got down to about 250lbs. I had the picture posted here for a long time. My waist was still at least 2.5-3" bigger than it is right now.

I personally think NUTRIENT TIMING and structuring the workout to include more volume helped more than anything.

Yeah, I can eat some carbs to keep me sane when dieting especially if I get most of them in around training and hold back most of the day other than that.


At the time Indigo-3G first came out, I read up on alot of the training principles endorsed for its users as well as the daily macros and recommended carb sources. So I increased my training frequency and intensity accordingly and started eating 300g carbs/day as someone who formerly was afraid of eating more than 100g/day. I stuck to rice, rice cakes, oats as recommended in all the spills. Stuck to "clean" fat sources as well as protein.

As a result I started noticing all the results reported by the other Indigo-3G users...gained weight, lost inch off my waist, fuller, etc. etc.

Oh, and I should mention. I never used Indigo-3G.


of course, but it's not like this is the first time I experimented with eating clean carbs a lot, rofl. A somewhat-experienced person would notice a difference between the same carb intake on Indigo-G, and the same carb intake while not on Indigo-3G. The main effect about Indigo-3G that I love is that you can eat tons of carbs and actually get LEANER, noticeably, week by week. This is unheard for me as a dude who used to be fat, but Indigo-3G really helped in that regard.


Wait... you got results from combining what Nate Miyaki and Christian Thibaudeau have advised in their articles for some time?

Indigo-3G doesn't account for all of the results that Indigo-3G users have gotten... it synergizes with what already stands as intelligent nutrition and training and amplifies the results. It's a "1+1=3" effect.


You got my point exactly...lol...and I'm not so sure the majority of guys who are unhappy with their results in the weight room jumping on the bandwagon are aware of it.

I think the very first thing anyone considering Indigo-3G should do is honestly assess their training and eating and see if they have all their ducks in a row so that they'll truly be optimizing its purported effects. If you still have a ways to go it's simply not worth the $$.


Dude, ANYONE who is afraid to eat but then starts eating is going to see progress. That is the same shit I've been saying for years.

As far as the nutrient timing, again, if you aren't already making progress in what you are doing, something is really really wrong.

The fact that you made some progress is as much of an issue as all of the newbs using Indigo-3G who finally started eating and grew some muscles.


We agree for the most part....and we have had threads about it also where people complained that we shouldn't be focused on the progress, or lack thereof, of the people involved before they started using it.

I can say there is a difference using it....but not one a poor fucked up diet and lost training strategy can overcome.