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Indigo-3G Questions

I recently got a job, and I’ve been thinking about buying Indigo 3G for a while, so my question is this:

How long will a bottle of it last and how much money a month does it cost to take it? Just trying to figure out if I can afford it.

At the maintenance dose (6 capsules once per day) a bottle lasts for a month, while at the maximum effect dose (6 capsules twice per day) a bottle lasts for 2 weeks.

Is it like creatine in the sense that you CAN take the maximal dose to load, but taking maintenance will work just as well in the long run?

We have some results showing excellent maintenance effect at the once per day dosing. Whether it’s the case for everybody that at some point once per day is as good as twice, I can’t say. CT would be able to say better, from observation with numerous athletes.

It does differ fundamentally from creatine in terms of the mechanism. With creatine, it’s a question of building up levels in the body. It takes a higher creatine dose to build up levels from normal to high than it does to maintain a high level, having already achieved it.

In the case of Indigo-3G, it’s not a case of slowly building levels with time: fully effective, high levels are achieved in the first day. However, research indicates that C3G can have potent effects on improving gene expression, which may well require a higher dose to change in the first place than to maintain the improvement. Similarly with inflammation: a higher dose is likely required in the first place to correct an inflammatory condition in fat cells than is required later to maintain the improved condition.

Ahh okay. so I think if I do decide to get it I’ll take at least the first bottle at the full dose. I make around $90 every 2 weeks, would that be enough to afford maintenance?

From my experience we’ve seen people take it for 6-12 weeks at full dose and reap long term benefits with or without going to maintenance.

1 bottle should last a month at maintenance dose. I would personally save up enough for 8 weeks of continual full dose ( 2 x 6 capsules a day ) then switch to 1 bottle a month via autoship so you get it for cheaper.

If you had no other significant expenses, then yes.

Sometimes, training and nutrition have been very good and consistent for a long period of time and a person has gotten about as far as he can with that, and it’s clear that without a new, highly effective level of supplementation, no rapid further progress will be made. But many times actually that has not been the case: there is room for a lot of rapid improvement simply from improving nutrition and/or training.

I don’t know your situation with that, but if training and nutrition haven’t been really on-track for an extended period of time anyway, I might not put a large percentage of income on any supplement, regardless of its effectiveness, but rather focus more on the nutrition and training. However, if you really need the advantage and you feel you can afford it, then yes, the cost would be within what you have.

I may do that, but making $90 every two weeks can I afford the full dosage?

Yea I have no other expenses. Going off what you said in the second and third paragraphs, I’ve bulked up 30 pounds in the past 4 months. My gains stopped at around the third month, so I changed my workout, but my gains were still slim to none. I still weigh the same as I did last month. I’m eating plenty, 5 - 6 thousand calories a day from mostly healthy food. So I’m thinking Indigo may be what I need next, at least for now.

Repeating what I said to Cortestijeir, would I be able to afford the full dosage for an extended period of time with my salary?

Sure if you saved it up on the front end. As great a product as I3G is, I would say it is not for you at this time.

You’ll have better luck sticking to a solid program, food, and maybe some Surge Recovery given you have a limited income.

Hmm… I was afraid someone would say that. I’m already having a protein shake after the gym. Would you suggest taking Surge with it, or in place of it?

Edit: I should probably mention what’s in the shake. 750 calories, 35g fat, 20g carbs, 85g protein. It’s just powder and milk.

I do think that protein hydrolysates are in important and cost-worthwhile advantage in nutrition. There can be differences in addition to this, but a key factor with them is much more rapid absorption. Absorption during or post workout is when the muscles can best use it.

Here also, when applied properly it can be possible for more expensive methods to give better results than ones that are not expensive, and with the hydrolysates there’s a range of efficacy and price as well. With Surge, you’re getting an economical product that is quite high performance compared to an ordinary protein or quite a number of other hydrolysates.

There’s nothing wrong with better whey proteins, but even there there is more bang for the buck in taking two servings of 40 - 42 g than taking one serving of 85 g.

In neither case will amino acids be delivered to the muscles as rapidly as with Surge though. Three scoops of Surge, though lower in gram count of protein, will in practice deliver more in that particular time window, due to much faster absorption.

Hmmm thanks a lot man I might end up getting some of that.