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Indigo-3G Project and Beyond - My Transformation Journey

Aloha T-Nation Members, Staff and Coaches

As the website has changed so much recently, it has been difficult to find my old Indigo-3G log. I have now begin a new log in the Success Stories Forum under the Store tab. If you would like to keep updated with my continued journey look for me over there.

In May of 2015, I hired Amit Sapir to take over my coaching. All of this info including updated pics, training video and other information is included in that new log.

All my best to everyone at T-Nation and Biotest. Mahalo to Jared for his support and lending an ear when needed. Especially grateful to Tim Patterson for all of his continued support.

A hui ho.


I was wondering if you were still around…I’m a longtime lurker and had read your log many times in the past (mostly before I started my account / log here, I think). Very glad to see you dropping in, and hopeful that you will carry on logging here.

My family has great affinity for the islands - we have vacationed as a family previously (Oahu for 2 days, Maui for 6 days, Big Island for 6 days) and will be returning for my wedding this summer (getting married on the Big Island, honeymooning on Kuaui).


Yes, still kicking it here in T-Nation land. Been keeping my Indigo log updated but things have all shifted around with the new changes to the site.

Well, if you’re in Hilo, need a gym to train at, let me know. Happy to let a fellow T-Nation member use the club for the day.

Best wishes on your upcoming wedding.

I am going to start doing my logging here from today forward. Easier to get to this log than my other ones. :smile:

As today is Wednesday I will be working Day 3 of my Amit training program. Nutrition intake today is kept at less than 140g of carbs for the whole day. Majority of those are centered around my training.

In addition to the lifting I will get in 2 to 3 mini cardio sessions throughout the day. I usually get in 2 before my break at noon, than I will try to finish off my training session this evening with another session. Each cardio session is 30-minutes: 10-minutes of Bike sprints and 20-minutes of slow and steady Treadmill work.

Lifting today involves Raw Benching, Pull-Ups, some shoulders, Triceps and of course the core.

I will be working Day 4 of Amit’s training program. Nutrition today is the same, keeping my carb intake just below 140g for the day, with the majority of that around my training.

Training today consist of some Incline Bench, Pull-Ups, Pull-Downs, Rack Pulls and some shoulder work.

My post-training meal is beef, rice and veggies. Not shown in the picture is my snack of Ahi. My lunch consist 2 cups of a green veggie mix (Kale, Broccoli florets, 2-kinds of cabbage, Radicchio, shaved Brussel Sprouts, Pumpkin seeds) some oven roasted Turkey, about 6 home dried Cranberries and finished off with a home-made Papaya Seed dressing.

Today was DAY FIVE in Amit’s training program. I have successfully completed a week of full training since my December knee surgery. OH YEAH. Body is sore, legs are exhausted and all jello like, but the knee has had no pain. Definitely don’t have the strength and capacity I had in the legs, but we’ll get back to it.

Today’s training consisted of Front Squats, Sumo Deadlifts, Step-Ups and some Back Squats. You know it’s good when your legs are all wobbly as you walk out to your car.

Nutrition intake about the same, keeping my carb intake at its highest around my training. Carb intake below 150g for the whole day.

From last night’s leg session.

Sumo Deadlifts…an easy 135lbs. Testing out the knee with my first full week of FULL ON training mode.

Notice the video bomber in the background. LMAO! That’s Omar, another T-Nationite who recently moved to Hilo from Portland, Oregon. I never even saw him until I was loading the video to send to Amit with my weekly update. Still crackin’ up.

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10-month comparison, sans 80lbs. Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!

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My five year journey with T-Nation/Biotest and Indigo-3G. It’s just the beginning.


This was my cheat meal from last night.

Veggie Salad: Assorted Peppers, Cucumbers, Onion, Jicama and some Cesar dressing.

Protein: Grilled Salmon that was coated with Byron’s Butt Rub (yes that is the actual name of the product) and then topped with Angie’s Organic Spicy BBQ sauce.

Rice: Coconut Oil, Jicama, Ginger, Garlic, Onion and some Sea Salt.

Dessert: Maple Bacon Rice Krispy treat made by yours truly, Mr. Blaine Magno.

That was the best Rice Krispy treat EVER!!! Mahalo Blaine for contributing to my cheat meal. LOL. Can I have some more of that???



One for each 40…

Aloha Azbacks…

Mahalo for the HELL YEAH!

Good to see you again.


Ready for this week coming up. I GOT THIS!

Just dropped by and was surprised by all the changes. I read articles, but have no signed in for a long time.

I follow on FB, as you know, so know of your trials (knee surg) and your triumphs.

With some medical problems the last couple of years, I had gained back some of the weight I had lost, but have lost the amount I gained back and am looking to lose more. Need to get serious and get myself healthy. Already off my Type 2 Diabetes med. Next stop is to have my doc tell me that no longer Type 2.

Keep up the hard work, and enjoy!!!

I appreciate all of your support over the last few years. Feel free to drop by here or my Facebook any time. :smiley:

MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2016

Yesterday was DAY ONE in Amit’s program and the beginning of my second week of full training.

DAY ONE is all about the LEGS. OH YEAH!!! This picture depicts how I am feeling this morning.

Training consisted of 8 sets of Squats, Deficit Deadlifts, Leg Press, Leg Extension and Leg Curls.

I never exercise at the gym with my arms showing. However, today I forgot to grab an extra shirt to train in. So I had to go with my under cami. Today’s training involved Clean High Pulls from floor among other things.

Thought I would share this with everyone.

Look at the explosion…heels off the floor…this is 4-months post knee surgery!!! OH YEAH!!! Feeling pretty damn awesome!


Today’s training consisted of Incline Bench, DB Presses, Pull-Ups, Rack Pulls, Tri’s and some Lateral raises.

My body is SORE. I think there was an actual body sigh when I finally crawled into bed last night.

Definitely do not have the strength or volume that I had prior to knee surgery and fighting my way back up the ladder is grueling.

However, the body recomp is driving me forward.

Aloha Everyone!

Picture comparison of the last three months. One from the end of January, February and then the last two weeks of March. Crazy the changes just in the last three months. Everything is really starting to taper in.

Wasn’t able to have a 100% week as by Thursday my knee was having a some inflammation and I had to back off the leg training and cardio for a couple of days. Going to go back to wrapping the knee during leg training just to make sure its protected. Let’s see how things go this week as I try to take my Squats down to a 12-inch depth from floor. Last week I was able to successfully get a 13-inch depth on my Squat.

13-Inch Depth Squat:

One-Arm Power Snatch

Looking forward to a GREAT week.

Some Bench training from this past week.

This is after the raw benching was finished, got out the Bench Daddy and pushed some heavier weight.

Working 4 reps. I got out of the groove on the 2nd rep, but reset and finished off three more reps.