Indigo-3G Plus Other Biotest Supplements

I remember seeing a post a few years back in the forums regarding how Indigo-3G reacts with certain food and other supplements. For some reason I can’t find that post anymore. I was wondering what the guidelines would be for taking Indigo-3G in conjuction with Superfood? Also are there any types of food I should avoid while I’m taking Indigo-3G? Of note: I’m also taking Carbolin 19, ZMA. Curcumin and Flameout, and plan on taking Micro-PA in the future as well.

This thread would be more appropriate over in the Indigo-3G Users forum. But real quick, concentrated antioxidants may interfere with Indigo’s effectiveness, so it’s best not to take them at the exact same time.

Having a buffer of a few hours between a dose of Superfood and a serving of Indigo-3G isn’t a problem. Something like Superfood with breakfast and Indigo with dinner (or before an afternoon/night training session) would be perfect. None of the other supps you mentioned are an issue as long as the label directions are followed. Curcumin isn’t meant to be taken right around a workout anyhow, so that’s also not an issue.

This is probably the thread you were looking for, Foods to Avoid on I3G, but it’s from 2013 and the Indigo formula has been improved since then. Avoiding strong antioxidants at the exact same time as Indigo is the only real issue.

Awesome thanks a lot Chris!

Sorry if I missed it, but are coffee and tea considered to be strong antioxidants?

I saw a post from Chris Shugart saying coffee is fine but to stay away from tea, at least around the same time you take your dose of I3G.

I believe coffee’s generally fine but some teas like green or black may be more iffy because of their content. Again though, taking them at the same time (like washing Indigo down with your tea) is the biggest problem. The longer they’re spaced out, the better.

So like, if you have Indigo before an early morning workout and then have breakfast with tea later in the morning, it’s a safer bet compared to having pre-workout green tea with the Indigo before training.