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Indigo-3G Plus MAG-10 Pulse Fast

Sorry if this is a repeat topic, I’m not seeing it on the site search though. Thinking of combining I-3G with MAG-10 pulse fasting. I’m not seeing this mentioned in the I-3G articles I’m looking through. Any reason why this should or should not be done? Thanks in advance.

What are you current goals?

This should not be done. As you’re wasting a whole day of I3G because your body has nothing to repartition.

Now doing a pulse fast the day before you start I3G would be useful.

I3G NEEDS nutrients to repartition. Chris Shugart has said it is not a good idea to combine the two.

Wait a minute…maybe not so fast.
Now, I don’t claim to really know the answers here, but hear me out:

I-3G does its magic with nutrients ONLY when enough insulin is in the system. Insulin, left unfettered, will transport nutrients into muscle or fat, depending on genetic disposition and other factors. As I understand it, this is where I-3G does its thing…it preferentially dumps nutrients into the muscle via sensitization of the muscle cell and desensitization of the fat cell to insulin.

For some who are grossly overweight…I suspect (I do NOT know this for sure…my lack of biochemistry in this area may be revealing its ugly ugly head; if so, I go rushing back into the shadows shamed beyond belief)that even aminos in the bloodstream are preferentially channeled to the fat cells where it is stored. Yes, I know, it is tough for aminos to be stored as fat unlike glucose, but there are biochemical mechanisms for this to happen…I think.

So, MAG-10 by itself raises insulin. This is because of the leucine content in it primarily I think, but I think aminos dumped quickly into the bloodstream will elicit an insulin response anyways. So, for some people, even this amount of insulin and aminos will still dump a portion into the fat cells.

Taking I-3G will circumvent this, making the MAG-10 pulse fast that much more productive.

A waste of money and I-3G? Yeah, maybe. But if you are grossly overweight, it might be something that isn’t so wasteful.

My 2 cents.