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Indigo-3G or Anaconda/MAG-10?

If budget only allows for either Indigo-3G or Anaconda/ MAG-10 combo, which in your opinion would be more beneficial? My goals are to be as lean, strong, and well conditioned as possible as a competitive submission grappler. Thanks!

First, read up on both.

Second, go to the home page and ask that question in the Livespill.

Three, profit.

[quote]JFG wrote:
First, read up on both.

Second, go to the home page and ask that question in the Livespill.

Three, profit.[/quote]
It says viewer comments disabled for me in the livespill, otherwise I would have.

Calories trumps pills IMHO. Go with MAG-10/Anaconda

i’ve been struggling with this myself. I have gone back and forth both ways. I’m thinking that i may do Indigo-3G for the break in period and “fix” my nutrient uptake using cheap whey protein and food and then switch to anaconda and MAG-10. That way my system may use the supplements better after the Indigo-3G.

My humble opinion? Either. Here’s why:

Indigo-3G is great, but you must be responsible enough and diligent enough to go through the 12 caps/day for 3 months (12 weeks) at least, pay attention to your diet (type of carbs is extremely important for most), and train with a legitimate training system. All 3 must be present to realize a great experience with Indigo-3G.

If you go with MAG-10/Anaconda (even though I have not really taken Anaconda enough to properly comment)I personally think these two supplements can really set ones own digestion and metabolism to be optimal by employing the pulse feast or pulse fast nutrition program outlined on this site almost just as good as what Indigo-3G could. Of course, it also takes alot of diligence to stick to a pulse feast even…and for some this could be WAY harder than taking Indigo-3G which allows you to eat alot more.

So it depends on what type of individual you are…you have the willpower to not eat more than 1 or 2 whole meals a day? Go with MAG-10 and use pulse feast. You need to eat more but can watch the types of foods you eat? Indigo-3G. Both REQUIRE you to train hard.

The best is take both, but this is extremely cost prohibitive for 75% of the folks out there (my estimation based on NO data, just a WAG).