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Indigo-3G on Velocity Diet


Hello, tommorow I start with the Velocity Diet plan and this is my plan, what do you think of it?
Wake up: Indigo-3G
45 min later fasted training with 2 servings Plazma
Post workout 1 serving MAG-10
Then every 3 hours 2 servings Metabolic Drive protein! Total of 4x 2 servings a day!



Have you checked out the new Biotest forums? I’d recommend reposting in the Velocity Diet Support forums there for the best, most prompt advice.


But I would forgo the Indigo-3G until after the diet.

I also don’t have the latest version, but is that the new way of doing it or are you changing it?

I did it years ago and the normal set up was more then enough.