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Indigo-3G Observers Thread


so, the way this is being touted seems like it would be much more beneficial for those that are overweight (though working out).

If anyone has read Taubes' Good Cals, Bad Cals.

This supplement sounds like Taubes himself would consider it the Holy Grail of obesity.

It it is as powerful as said, are we going to hear more about this supplement outside of this site? surely, other people are doing research on it.


Yeah, I was real interested in how Biotest was patenting this, but their application must have been fairly recent (from a patent point of view) because I can't find it in the USPTO application search. I think it lags by about 18 months, though I can never remember. That's the lawyers job... :slightly_smiling:


"You killed my father, prepare to die."

I could not resist.

I think that would be entirely possible, but will be determined largely by how Biotest structured their agreements and contracts with the companies they used to derive/develop the supplement in the first place. I would wager they did so fairly well, and as such it could be months or years before other companies begin to navigate their way from Biotest's dust trail.

On the other hand, Biotest may have rolled the dice on this supplement and hit serious pay dirt. We only really hear about the successful stuff, not so much the supplements they are tracking or developing that never come to market or never deliver worthwhile results in testing phases and are shelved. They may very well have seen promise in this and took notice where other companies did not. In doing so they reap the rewards.


lol, I was actually going to start this thread saying that


Just a thought on the efficacy of Indigo-3G. I hypothesize that this first "team 1" of users that are keeping logs will be more likely than subsequent users to show results. In addition to the use of the supplement they are keeping public logs which give them more of an incentive to show progress than someone who is not publicly baring it all.

Basically, we've all heard that if you want to improve your odds of achieving a goal, you should tell people about it to help hold yourself accountable. Well, these logs are going to be helping the Indigo-3G users keep themselves accountable to their stated goals. Their logs will have a confounding effect on the efficacy of Indigo-3G.


Go team!


I completely agree with you. But it's just one additional variable. There will be future I3G users who will also end up keeping logs, just like many members have logs at the moment. And there will be people who work their asses off, log or no log.

However, when looking at the entire "Team 1" group, I'm sure the success rate will be higher than it would be without the logs and the constant feedback from CS, CT, Tim P and Tim Z.

Therefore I would not look at the "Team 1" results as what will keep happening across the board, but instead at what is possible under good (but not ideal - we still have work, school, families, etc.) conditions. I'm sure Biotest is aware of that, which is why they are approaching it like this.



Actually, i disagree....I'm expecting novagreg level of results....


novagreg. lol


Mods, maybe this could be renamed "Indigo 3G observers thread" since we can't post in the training forum.

I've observed a number of people over there commenting on:

1) Increase in appetite / hunger
2) Increase body heat (doesn't seem to be as common as the increased appetite).

Many people are claiming #1 is because of increase in carbs. Mods, any comment on this based on the experiences on Biotest employees? Is it the carbs or the supplement?


I have not expirienced an increase an appetite at all. The HEAT after a meal....YES>


Hip Scar. I'd like to thank you and the other participants for posting pics, diet, weight, training info and feedback on your Indigo use. For the rest of us, this is probably the closest we can come to "Try before you buy" in the supplement industry!


I've experienced both an increase in hunger and body temp. Might just be from refeeding this past weekend or from the Indigo. I already had carbs in my diet so I wouldn't say the hunger is from that.


Yes, me as well. I will note though that Thoughts1053 and I are both in unique situations, both having competed just shy of a week ago (very low bodyfat levels), enjoyed a post contest weekend of binging, and are now pushing further for the next 4+ weeks as a second contest approaches. I'm curious myself to see what happens -lol



Will be very interested to see how this supplement pans out. If it does work as well as advertised, which I dont know if it will, but if it does, then what I do know is that Biotest will surpass Exxon/Mobil in profits by the year 2013.


honestly...I don't care to see people diet with this stuff...

The main benefit to this supplement is the ability to partition nutrients favorably whilst BULKING....I want to see a guy who puts fat on easilly when bulking take this supplement and prevent unwanted fat gain in a caloric surplus....that is the TRUE TEST in my eyes...

Yet, I doubt i will get to see that...

most common answer to question - "total calories consumed per day - I don't know"

yeah that is a problem, brah.


Well, if you want someone who puts on fat easily bulking that's me.

I'm going to start taking Indigo-3G 10 days from now. This week I was probably barely above maintenance calories (I dropped the pulse fast and slightly increased carbs on high day), next week I'm upping calories a bit more (roughly +200 kcal on high days, +100 kcal on medium), keeping same for week 1 of Indigo-3G and then moving up in calories each week seeing how far I can push it. A week before I run out I'll back of a little bit. Then keep the same after I run out, but I assume I'll have to back off a bit more within two weeks.

Feel free to comment on my progress here or via PM (it's a bit annoying that non-Team 1 people can't comment in logs, but that's how it is...). I'd appreciate everything from "keep it up" to "EAT MORE YOU SKINNY BASTARD!!!".



It's my preference as well for FFB (like me) to see a bulk phase potential while on this product.


Is going to be interesting, hard to know how much you can read into a lot of the logs though. There some level 4's there that seem like they could benefit from joining a gym, let a lone a $400 wonder supplement!

Hope like hell it works as promised though thats for sure.


The one thing I found interesting was the line "My best advice is to avoid putting much stock into the way you feel and focus on the things you can measure."

I'm really curious to see how the measurements go.


yeah, I like how you're waiting till your ready to start taking it. Do you start to put the weight on easily in your love handles first? That's what happens to me too. I'll be following... Good luck bulking with Indigo..