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Indigo-3G HP Mass Strength Documents

I have been looking over the September-November editions of the programs and am a little confused on where to begin. Should I start on the HP customized strength training program 1 phase 1/3 (September). Or can I choose a different program to start. I am also curious about the beginning of the programs each day. Does each day really want us to bench/squat/deadlift everyday!? 3-5 sets? and also I am confused on how to incorporate the specialization workouts. Do pick out which parts were lacking and add them into our workout ? or should we strictly follow each one.

I am also curious in the differences between the I Bodybuilder routines and the Indigo 3g routines. I will be starting Indigo 3g when starting this routine but find it fascinating this new type of lifting with 1-3 rep sets using different methods (cluster sets, etc) but rather focusing on the nervous system and performing perfect reps.I have been used to just hitting one muscle group hard and just demolishing every muscle fiber with the typical 3-5 set 8-12 rep sets of handfuls of exercises. I am also planning on purchasing ANACONDA as well as I am a little worried my digestion and stomach may not handle it…

Read the article at least 3 times. HP Mass can be a little much if you don’t have much experience in the gym.

Then, go and watch the videos. Where are the videos? Easy, look on the right side of the article, a little ways down for “Other articles in this series”.

Any Indigo-3G related question, just go to the live spill and ask away. Peri workout, nutrition, work out, etc.

Thank you. I should of posted on my account but I have to use my brothers since he bought me Indigo for Christmas and has access to the workout. Yeah the workout does look pretty intense… I wouldn’t consider myself a pro in the weight room but don’t think I am a full on noob. We will see how I handle it once this NCAA season is over.

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