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Indigo-3G During Cut Diet?

This has probably been asked before, but I didn’t find anything specific or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough?

I am going to start Indigo-3G tomorrow and want to know if anyone has experience with it while on a cutting diet. I’m low/no carbs 3 days/week, and carb load one day/week. (Is that what y’all mean by re-feed?)

Anyone have any experience with using Indigo in this manner? Do you use it daily or just on carb days?

Thanks in advance for the advice, and thank you in advance for not blasting me for asking what may be construed as a dumb question. :wink:

There is the Biotest forum also.

And, Indigo needs cards to work. Do not go low. And read up on it.

Like JFG mentioned, there is a Biotest forum with an Indigo-3G specific subforum. Please feel free to repost there!

Thanks JFG. I’m committed to what my dietitian has laid out for me for the next 8 weeks, then I’ll have daily carbs for awhile. Her method is all about stoking the metabolism. She consults mostly with competitors, which I am not (just her boyfriend). I just thought that on my carb days, Indigo might make better use of the carbs I take in. On non-carb days, there are still trace carbs via veggies. Her program works extremely well, but I was looking for an edge. Just figured Indigo would give me that little boost that might take me from “built” to “posting on Instagram” worthy. That’s kind of a joke, because I really don’t post pics of myself (don’t need the validation at my age), but I want to get competition shredded and don’t want to lose the gains from my recent bulk. Perhaps Indigo works better during my maintenance phase? Is there a shelf life? Wondering if I should shelve it until I go into maintenance?

Thanks. Been absent from the site for quite some time. Not absent from the iron game, just from forums.

Indigo works best when you have carbs present, because it’s a nutrient partitioner so it needs something to work with. But you’ll still get some of the effects taking it daily, especially if you lift on your low/no carb days and take it before training.

It should be good for at least a year or so, if stored properly. If you want to get 100% from it, then hold off until you have carbs at a decent level every day.

For the moment 13%BF and 68kg. Want to get under 10%BF and stay there.
Work out 3x/week.
I am using the Indigo-3G/Plazma/Mag-10 combo and I’m having very good workouts and strengths gains.
Since I want to get leaner, I am cutting for the moment:
maintenance 33 x bodyweight 68kg = 2244calories.
-20% (2244x0,80) is 1795 calories daily.
Macro’s 20%fat, 35%protein (=2,5g/kg bodyweight), 45%carbs

I read with Indigo-3G I can have more carbs: estimation of %?
More calories as well: how many? How do I calculate?

Any advice, please?