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Indigo-3G and the Anabolic Diet


I've been on the Anabolic Diet for around 5-6 months now. I am curious if Indigo-3G would be effective on a low carb diet like AD. (For both gaining and losing weight)

Scenarios in question:
1.) Taking Indigo-3G everyday (including low carb (25-30 grams) weekdays and high carb weekends)
2.) Taking Indigo-3G just on high carb weekends. (1-2 days a week)

You can understand how scenario #2 is appealing financially. You could really stretch a bottle out with a plan like that.

What do ya'll think? Would either be effective?



Probalby not sinc eyou are supposed to run it for 10-12 weeks full dose but that requires carbs afterward you could probably do what you are talking about.


Indigo-3G means carbs. If you take it, fuck the Anabolic Diet. Simple as that.


Yea...the whole point is so you CAN eat carbs..all the time.


true BUT some people have reported NOT being able to eat carbs all the time even with indigo...


@Ryan, PB, &facko : For the sake of discussion. If Indigo-3G was only taken on days when a huge amount of carbs were taken in (once a week for ADers). Wouldn't it make the diet much more effective?



You still eat carbs every time you take a dose of I3G, but the amount of carbs varies based on your goals, what you can handle, etc. Could be 30g in that meal, could be 60g. Highly dependent.


Maybe, but I still think if you did it that way it would be a waste of money... not a waste of money in that I3G isn't working, but a waste of money because you shouldn't NEED to take any supplement when you do your weekend re-feed. On the AD, as you well know, your body should be depleted enough to where you only need to let the food/carbs do the work.

Also, I would venture to say I3G would work a lot better with cleaner carbs. Do you use all clean carbs in your re-feed?... I bet there's some cheat stuff sprinkled in there. You would have much better results if you just bit the bullet, spend the money, and take I3G everyday with clean carbs. It's only 12 weeks, man. That much time off AD won't kill ya and will be a nice change of pace.


For me..I've always used a generic GDA or a GDA type supplement when doing a "clean" carb refeed, an all out cheat day, or an "unclean" carb refeed.

I do this every Sunday basically and I only eat low carb 3 days out of the week. Even with the glucose disposal agent in a decent dose, I'm pretty damn bloated the next day. It usually takes me about 1-2 days to flush out the excess water weight etc. That being said...I notice more vascularity and muscular fullness with a good GDA as opposed to none.


OP you sound like you want to use it as a GDA. I would look into meadows GDA or receptor max for that.

The job of indigo is to fix fat cells and that has to be done with the full dose for a long time especailly for someone who doesnt handle carbs well to start with. The cycle can be shorter for somone who handles carbs better to start with


ive used 2 bottles of indigo at 12/day. now im using the last bottle for my weekend carbups on the AD. having done the AD before without indigo, i think i can provide a fair judgement on the differences in glycogen replenishment, vascularity, muscle fullness, bloating, spillover, how long it takes to drop the water weight during the week, etc.


@wannabebig25: Keep us updated with your progress. That sounds like an interesting "experiment."



I am still coming up to speed, but what is the anabolic diet?


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