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Indigo-3G and Superfood

I’m looking for feedback from others who might be taking both Indigo-3G and Superfood in their nutrition regimen. Now, we all have been advised not to combine the two due to deactivation of Indigo-3G when combined with concentrated nutrients found in a product like Superfood…but what is the real world experience here?

I have tried to adhere for the most part a separation between my Superfood intake (mixed with MAG-10 using the Berry flavoring)of about 6 to 8 hours and my Indigo-3G intake (4 caps only prior to my feast meal…I do pulse feasting exclusively). Using this regimen, I don’t see a difference at all when compared with not taking Superfood.

I’ve recently just upped my Superfood intake to where I only have 4 hours before my Indigo intake for the last 3 weeks, and so far, I still don’t think there is any “deactivation” going on.

Results vary of course on an individual by individual basis, and the whole “feel” meter that I’m using is not very good, I know. But I’m still very curious as to anyone’s experience with Indigo-3G and Superfood usage.

I realize most people don’t want to even chance the possibility of “wasting” their Indigo by combining with nutrient concentrates like Superfood…but just asking on the chance anyone else has tried this.

We based this rec on science and experience of the initial testers. It’s not so much “deactivation” but you’ll get less-good results. But if you’re on a single dose per day of Indigo, just separate it from Superfood or any “greens” supplement by about 6 hours. This according to Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss.

Thanks Chris.
6 hours seems to be reasonable. I think I’ll still try the 4 to 6 hour separation just to see if there is any noticeable difference since I’m not really seeing any.
Superfood is good stuff. Won’t go a day without it.