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Indigo-3G and Macular Degeneration

Odd question here. My Dad has Macular and his eyesight is diminishing rapidly. I noticed one of his Macular supplements had C3G (tiny amount, maybe 2.5mg) and was wondering if anyone had any idea whether Indigo-3G could help slow the macular degeneration down or if there was any tests done using higher doses of C3G.

We’re getting pretty desperate and I just wondered if anyone had any info, or whether anyone thinks it’s worth a try when it’s back in stock.

I haven’t seen anything macular degeneration - specific, but C3G has a lot of effects we are just learning about. Try to get a hold of Cr Powerlinate here on the forums - he’s been tracking a lot of C3G research, so there’s a good chance he’s seen something pubished on the topic.

Good luck, I hope your dad gets better soon.


Thanks B for the reply and well wishes, I’ll see if I can shoot him a pm.