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Indigo-3G and Ketosis

hey! my name is tiffany, I’m a long time tnation reader and just now am posting in the forums for the first time.

I just started the ketosis diet for the first time (6 days in) I feel like my body is starting to run off ketones better, my energy is steady and I feel okay. (also I’m down 9lbs in 6 days, so my muscles officially are depleted as can be. I look like a starving rat!!) anyways, a year in a half ago I experimented with indigo 3g and I did like it. I did the carbs with it right around my workout (and minimal carbs the rest of the day) and had sick pumps and blah blah blah… got ripped as shit… blah blah blah… my question is, would there be any benefit in taking indigo 3g while being/trying to get into ketosis? logically it makes sense that “no,” I’m not eating any carbs, so what’s the point? or it might even make me dizzy… anyways, was wondering if anyone had any insight as to whether or not there would be a benefit of taking indigo 3g while in ketosis? I do currently take micro pa. I’ve taken it on and off for about a year. I like it, so I kind of just take it all the time before I lift with a few 6-8 week breaks here and there. i also take 5g creatine, 5g glutamine, and 3g beta alanine pre lift and then another 5g glutamine and 5g creatine post lift. (ive been taking the supplements with a fatty meal in an effort to keep the ketosis coming, so im sure absorbtion is slow, maybe even pointless, but it’s what I’ve always done and old habits die hard. I stopped doing whey protein because it’s super easy for me to go over my protein intake for thr day. before trying ketosis I was eating 200-250g of protein a day for about as long as I can remember and now I’m trying to limit it to 120) any responses would be helpful! thanks again!

Christian Thibaudeau answered this exact question over in the Biotest forum (where this thread would be better addressed).


Indigo is potentially an excellent source of antioxidants so you wouldn’t get a negative reaction while on a ketogenic diet, apart from your finances. If there is any truth to the maker’s claims that it can improve insulin sensitivity, then again it could benefit you long term when you do start to reintroduce carbs.

I would be mindful of the glutamine though, especially when your still at the fat adaptation stage.

I use it on and off a lot so I always have a supplement cabinet full of it. I really like it, and honestly have gotten good results with it. a lot of people poo poo Biotest and thier products. (they are a little expensive for sure) but I’ve always had good results with all of them.

okay. I’ll lay off the glutamine. I’ve been eating a meal (30-40g of fat) right before i take it, I’m an effort to make sure there is enough fat, but you re probably right and I should just nix it for now. I’ve actually read that a lot… but its all got to get a damn pump right now! I’m tiny as all hell. I’m used to being big and full! it’s just a drastic change in less then a week.

gotta go flat before you can lose the fat! the sacrifices we make…