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Indigo-3G and Diabetes

Hello All,
I am a diabetic lifter and heading towards natural bodybuilding (thanks to lifting my A1C is now down to a non-diabetic level @ 5.2%). I am curious about Biotest’s Indigo-3G. Is it safe for diabetics to take?

Current medications are Metformin XR, Victoza, and Invokana.

Also, what are the experiences of folks here on it?

Thanks in advance,

It would be better to repost this in the Indigo-3G forum where you can get more specific advice. You can also contact Biotest Customer Service directly by e-mailing Service@Biotest.net.

Some of the research on C3G has shown results comparable to Metformin, so taking them together is probably not a good idea. Consider printing out some of the research (in the Research tab here) and discussing it with your physician.