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Indigo-3G and Daily Carbs


I weigh 212. My carbs per day should be 318g. I’m about 11%BF now.
I’ve read that if dieting to lose bodyfat, I could go as low as 100g. per day.
What adjustment in carb intake is suggested with Indigo-3G supplementation?

On training days I use Plazma. Do I include Plazma macros in my daily allowances?


This thread would be better suited for the Indigo-3G Users forum.

The best carb adjustment when using Indigo, especially for someone relatively lean like you, is to not go low carb. Indigo works “best” when you provide the body with plenty of clean carbs (potatoes, rice, etc.) to partition. 100g carb diets work, but they’re not the most efficient way to use Indigo.

Generally yes, workout nutrition is factored into total daily macros.